IMG_4786You know, 2015 was bloody wonderful, but it took me by surprise in a lot of ways. Much of what I planned and envisioned, never eventuated. Plenty of goals weren’t reached. Major ideas were tossed out. Stuff derailed.

As they say, “We plan, God laughs” but I’d like to add: “yet always gives us what we need.” Because I really did get what I needed this year, even when I couldn’t quite see it at the time.

Plans to move to Queensland? Scrapped. Savings goals? Didn’t quite get there. More time with family? Even less so. Romantic holiday with Andrew in Europe? Haha. Nope, nope and nope. 

As I took time out to reflect on the past year, I found myself feeling unsure as to how to encapsulate the essence of 2015. I wanted to honour the highs (and OMG, have there been highs!!) but I believe that Life is full o’ lessons, and those beauties can come wrapped in tears, tantrums and trials. (Ahem, see above.)

Yep, the learnings came on all heavy-like: I am 100% whole, just as I am. TRUST, TRUST, TRUST. I can do hard things. I can ask for help. I am never, ever trapped. Nothing is permanent. Just to name a few!

So I decided to ditch the long-winded, trying-to-figure-out-my-life-essay-of-a-blog-post idea and instead, wrapped up the year with a little more simplicity and sweetness: I posted 5 of my highlights from 2015 (that upon reflection, made me smile) over on Instagram, which are what you’ll find below. Ironically, the simplicity of it all gave me just what I needed to ‘figure it all out’ anyway! Another lesson? 😉 Either way – enjoy!



IMG_49861. The evolution and expansion in my business this year: I made it through my first year of 100% self employment!

And not only that, I hired a virtual assistant, held workshops in Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide, built an online course (more to come on that one in a sec), I upgraded software and hardware, my coaching books were full with the best clients all year and… I GOT MY OWN OFFICE. 

I just did the maths this week too, and I’m thrilled to see (as a delicious cherry on top) I received more money this year than I used to in my full time job. Amazing, awesome, very cool. I feel shifts on the horizon business-wise in 2016 and I can’t wait to see what manifests!




2. My trip to Berlin and London.

It was never meant to be a solo trip, and I very, very, very, very nearly didn’t go when plans changed. I used to LOVE travelling alone, so when a huge fear around this potential solo adventure popped up to say “hello!”, I was both surprised and motivated; because I was petrified, I knew I had to do it. 

So I did and it was wonderful and I remembered so many things I’d forgotten about myself; notably, the feelings of being ENCHANTED and SOVEREIGN (that I had let slip by the wayside) and the POSSIBILITIES in life that are available to us all. 

These weeks alone (and hanging with my girl Lacey) injected my heart with the desire to explore and stretch and experience even more new places and new things in 2016. Ahhhh, sweet possibility. 




3. Loving the eff out of my body.

Over the past few years – through studying to become a health coach, deep-diving into yoga and committing to eating well – the way I think, feel and speak about myself is SO different to how it used to be.

This year, it has surprised even me just how much deeper my love for my own skin has become. My boobs, my belly, my skin, my hair, wrinkles, hips, abilities, limitations, energy, changes, capacity – ALL OF IT – it’s all so freaking good. I used to weigh myself 3 times a day, count every calorie that entered my mouth, I’d take laxatives to lose weight and regularly sustained injuries from over-training. 

2015 hasn’t entailed anything too extreme – “healthy” or otherwise – it’s been a far more gentle and playful approach this year. No juice fasts or 15km runs. No restrictions or obsessions or comparisons. Just a decision to fully understand the monthly changes in my body by tuning into my cycle, recommitting to movement I LOVE like yoga and dance, moderate strength training, fresh food, clothes that make me feel like ME and always, always, always: kind, kind words.

Plus, thanks to the beautiful Rosie Rees and Susana Frionithere’s been a deepening of all things erotic and pleasure: nude yoga, rose quartz pleasure wands, jade eggs, erotic meditation, conversation and exploration! You could say my body has become a playground! #yay

Of all the shifts in my life over the past few years, this one feels perhaps the most powerful and impactful: digging your own skin changes everything.




4. My eCourse Wild, Well & Creative!

Visioning, researching, writing, building, developing and delivering this 8-week eCourse was a serious labour of love!! I happily invested a buttload of time, energy, money and love into this course and I am SO proud of it.

Living a life devoted to (and ultimately enhanced by) SELF CARE and SELF EXPRESSION means everything to me: thus, guiding 70+ women through this online adventure that encapsulates that spirit, was a real highlight of my 2015.

And, the community! The women that said ‘yes!’ to experimenting with more untamed (WILD), nourishing (WELL), expressive (CREATIVE) living taught me so much, too. I love love love them. I can’t wait to welcome more souls, those who are ready to make their mark, into our tribe in mid-January. Is that going to be you? I hope so! Find out all the juicy info over here! 




5. The people!

From the short-but-sweet snippets of time spent with my family, to deepening my friendships here in Perth (with peeps like Em and Vanessa pictured here), to the hours upon hours I’ve spent on the phone to my best mates in Melbourne: the PEOPLE in my life are of course, the ultimate highlight. I am grateful to have tangled paths with so many inspiring humans this year.

There’s the online connections I’m still yet to meet in the flesh, the online connections I DID get to meet in person this year, there’s those who came to my workshops, there’s my man, my clients, the creative souls who helped me bring projects to life this year, those whom I witnessed marry their soul mate this year, those who let me crash on their couch, and every single person who reads my blog and opens my newsletters and follows along this adventure of mine, so ultimately, of course: there’s YOU.

We live in a crazy, exciting world, where connection is swift and new platforms are emerging and the way we communicate is forever evolving. But at the end of the day, I know that behind every single ‘like’ or ‘comment’ or ‘share’ or ‘download’ there is a person, a real life human being, an interesting and awesome soul who I’m grateful to have connected with in some way.

So THANK YOU for being a highlight of my 2015. May 2016 bring even MORE juicy connection our way!

You can find my 2014 reflections here and 2013’s over here. Because awareness, documenting, reflecting, learning, engaging and feeling / expressing gratitude = WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT!

I’d love it if you shared 5 of your highlights from 2016 with me, in the comments below. And for extra awesomeness, what’s an intention / goal / word / signpost / feeling that you’ve whipped up for 2016? One of mine is OPEN HEART. Let’s hear yours!

Happy New Year! 

Claire x


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