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So I turned the wild age of twenty-nine a few weeks ago! I had such an awesome week celebrating my very own personal new year. It actually made me laugh to think back just four years ago, to my 25th birthday, when there were tears and fears and regrets and all kinds of nonsense at ‘how OLD I was getting!’  

I feel much more relaxed and grateful about growing older these days. I suppose there’s a natural shift that occurs, when you realise what a gift it is to celebrate another year of being ALIVE.

A week before my 25th birthday, I was working in the south of France and having an absolute ball of a time. I have no idea what I was so worried about! My journal entries around this time seriously crack me up.

What was super cool though, was that I’d written a list of things that I wanted to do in the next five years (before turning 30) and reflecting back on them has been really interesting.

These declarations of dreams and desires are treasures to me. Some I’ve ticked off, others I haven’t. Either way, the last four years of my life have been the most transformational yet. I suppose that’s to be expected in the second half of your 20’s, right? The best bit, is that I wouldn’t change any of the choices I have made.

And that’s a good feeling.

And you know me, I certainly DO NOT subscribe to the notion that there are things that we NEED to do/be/have/experience before we hit the big 3-0 (in fact, I wrote a whole blog post about it last year) BUT I do love a personal challenge and I have a really strong desire to see my 20’s out in style.

Rather, it is in the spirit of high-vibe living, LOVE, celebration of the last decade, gratitude for what’s to come, learning, adventure, growth and the desire to LIVE THE MOST AMAZING LIFE I POSSIBLY CAN, that I share with you my fresh-off-the-press list of…

30 Things I’d Like To Do/Be/See/Have/Experience Before I Turn 30

  1. Read one book a week for a year. So excited about this one! Join me? This is the spreadsheet I’m using to keep track! Print it off and keep it handy!
  2. Complete my ‘Deep Wells Of Prosperity’ cumulative $10 savings plan to save a minimum of $13,780 of personal savings . (Again – check out my spreadsheet!!)
  3. Get my butt to Europe! This is happening this week! 🙂
  4. Start writing a REAL LIFE BOOK.
  5. Complete an in-person meditation course.
  6. Submit a short story to a competition.
  7. Get my superannuation sorted. (The boring but essential is important too!)
  8. Embrace weekend hikes!
  9. 100 days with zero alcohol.  I did a sober month earlier in the year, but I’d like to experiment with even longer.
  10. Spend a whole month with my family.
  11. Find another charity/cause I’m aligned with to regularly donate to.
  12. Visit Coral Bay and other awesome Western Australian destinations.
  13. Just generally experience more places. Preferably overseas places.
  14. Get another dog. (Potential clash with previous item? Quite possibly. Hmmmm.)
  15. Dance at my dance concert! With a real life audience! Eek!
  16. Interview my Mum and Dad about their lives and film it. This article has some really cool questions.
  17. Go skinny dipping at least once. Because, freedom.
  18. Work on my record collection.
  19. See a Clairvoyant.
  20. Have an astrology reading done.
  21. Build at least $15,000 of personal savings that isn’t for business or travel… (See Number 2!)
  22. Do the splits!
  23. See Oprah live. OMG it’s happening in December!
  24. Go on a long, delicious, productive, inspiring creative solo retreat to WRITE.
  25. Go on a yoga retreat. Because, balance.
  26. Start a jade egg practice. These are on my radar.
  27. Consider starting a part-time PhD. Key word: Consider.
  28. Have a photo of my aura taken. Possibly here.
  29. Devote to a four-day working week. Aaahhhhhh. Yes.
  30. Learn more French or other interesting/useful language. (It was on my 25th birthday list  – it’s a cliché, but it’s got to be on there!)

So there you have it my friends. Let’s see how the next year pans out! 

There’s no doubt in my mind that my desires will change and evolve and grow and become less and more important (and seriously – this year has been all about surrendering to what I have zero control over) but I’m excited to keep you updated as we go along!

Tell me in the comments, are there any particular “challenges” you’d like me to share more about? Do you have your own list like this? As always, I’d love to know!

Big love!

Claire x

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