Have you ever stuffed a tampon up your sleeve on your way to the office bathroom? Avoided eye contact with the cashier as you paid for your sanitary pads? Felt overwhelmed, exhausted and annoyed by your hormones? Well, you are not alone. It can be bloody hard living in a body that bleeds once a month. It's time we started speaking up about our menstrual cycles. Now in her new book, everyone's friendly neighbourhood period coach, Claire Baker, is here to start the conversation!

It can be bloody hard living in a body that bleeds once a month. It's time we started speaking up about our menstrual cycles. Now in her new book, everyone's friendly neighbourhood period coach, Claire Baker, is here to start the conversation!



Taking you through her 50 best pieces of advice, Claire explains the ‘four seasons’ of our menstrual cycle and how they vary hormonally to affect everything from mood, motivation and memory, to energy levels, confidence, focus and stress. You’ll learn how to chart your cycle to identify your unique superpowers in each hormonal phase, the tools you need to work with your body rather than pushing against it, and that you’re not crazy: it’s completely natural to feel different from week-to-week. 

Illustrated throughout, 50 Things You Need to Know About Periods is packed with straightforward science, cycle-syncing suggestions and relatable real life advice that encourages you to experiment with a whole new way of living and bleeding. This simple and empowering book is the perfect gift to remind someone you love - or yourself - to join the menstruation conversation, see 'the curse' as the superpower it can be and #AdoreYourCycle.

OUT 14TH MAY 2020 

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If you pre-order 1 copy before May 13th 2020, you'll receive:

  • A video tutorial of the menstrual cycle, taught by Claire, packed with cycle-syncing tips and real-life personal insights on living in harmony with your flow. 
  • Access to How to Have the Best Period Ever mini online course.  

If you pre-order 2+ copies (one for you & one for a friend) before May 13th 2020, you'll receive:

  • All of the above bonuses.
  • Access to a private online book club for one month after the book's release. You'll be able to ask Claire questions, share insights & connect with other period pals from all over the world!
  • A 30% discount code to use on all of Claire's menstrual cycle awareness online courses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I find my receipt number? 

A: When you pre-order the book you'll be emailed an order confirmation containing your receipt or order number. If you pre-order the book in store, send me an email and we'll sort you out.

Q: When will I receive the pre-order bonuses?

A: After you submit your details above, you'll receive a THANK YOU confirmation email. If you order two or more copies, you'll also receive the 30% off discount code for Claire's menstrual cycle awareness courses to begin using right away. Everything else will be sent your way in May once the book is released. 


Q: Can I pre-order the book through a retailer other than Amazon?

A: Absolutely! You can pre-order the book anywhere you normally buy books, either online or in store. 

Q: I don't live in the UK. When will this book be available where I live?

A: 50 Things You Need To Know About Periods is confirmed for worldwide release from 14th May 2020, excluding the US which will be later in 2020. Join my newsletter to stay updated with other release dates and do check with your local bookstore about ordering it in! 

Q: I'd like to order multiple books for my clients, students or friends. Can you offer an extra bonus for multiple purchases?

 A: This is a great book to stock for clients, students and as a gift for friends and family. Please send me an email if you plan on making a bulk order and we can chat more about how I can extend a special thank you :)

Q: Is this book suitable for  a teenager?

A: Sure! While I didn't write the book specifically for teenagers, I did write it with the intention that a teen could pick it up and get a lot from it. It's suitable for anyone with a menstrual cycle. Sex is mentioned at times however, so do use your discrepancy. 


Claire Baker is a sought-after period coach, speaker and natural fertility teacher. For nearly a decade she has taught thousands of women how to live in harmony with their menstrual cycle, rather than working against it. Claire believes menstrual cycle awareness is the missing key in women’s wellbeing, empowerment and creativity, and her immersive online courses and workshops inspire women to know their flow and become the authority in their own lives. Her online program Adore Your Cycle has students in over 35 countries. Known for her authentic voice and ability to ‘make periods fun’, Claire is regularly featured in publications such as Red, Glamour, and Women’s Health magazine. Originally from Australia, Claire now lives in sunny East London.

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