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Today’s post is an excerpt from my NEW eBook Get Unstuck: A Workbook to Create Clarity, Ignite Your Spark & Keep You Moving Forward. If you haven’t downloaded your FREE copy yet (and I’d so love for you to!), please do cruise on over here.

You will find that in order to ‘get unstuck’, life will occasionally throw us a curve ball. A really, really hard one. One that smacks us in the face and hurts like hell.

One that crushes us, shatters us, breaks us apart. Brings us to our knees and obliterates our current understanding of the world. Forces us to question everything. Leaves us broken and bruised, unsure and confused.

These are the difficult times in our life and it is often these challenging chapters of our existence that we are forced to move forward as we discover what is truly important to us and what we really want from life.

It is how we choose to use these difficult times to cultivate growth and understanding, kindness and gratitude, that guides us forward.

My story?

During severe illness, I found the confidence to make empowered decisions for my health and happiness and discovered the healing power of food and holistic medicine.

Undoubtedly, this painful time was the seed that grew into my desire to pursue a career as a health coach.

Grieving the loss of my grandparents within just weeks of each other, showed me the softness and power in vulnerability.

Working through the minutes, days, weeks, months (and still – these words ache to write),  after my younger brother’s motorcycle accident that left him with a severe brain injury, transformed my life brutally and beautifully.

I’ve garnered compassion, fostered appreciation and made the decision to move forward – to choose life – every single day. It is hard. It is tough. But this is life. 

trust the process

In one of my favourite blog posts from Danielle La Porte, she writes:

‘It has never failed that when I have been through the most heart-breaking passages of my life — betrayal, financial hardship, divorce, dreams dashed — the pain brought me to the floor of my being, and what was there to be found?:

The simple joy of being alive. So cosmically basic it’s mind-blowing: the joy to be here, connected, animated, breathing, blessed, resilient, to be broken, to be open, to have what was, what’s left, what’s coming. The joy just to be part of reality.’

Let suffering be your teacher and pain be your muse.

Allow yourself to dance in the rhythm of life, to embrace what is – whatever that may be – and make your way through the darkness with trust and faith, back into the light. Breathe and take your time – we’ll be here, waiting for you when you arrive.

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We all navigate our way through the darkness at some point, made all the more illuminating by the supportive words of others. I’d love for this post, and my free eBook, to be the light for others. 

Tell me in the comments, how have you emerged through difficult times, a stronger and more compassionate person?