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I am no stranger to prayer; growing up, I attended church every Sunday – well into my high school years in fact – and I have always had a running dialogue with God. Whether it be frustrations scrawled in my journal, soft ‘thank you’s’ forming in my mind, or spoken out loud with family and friends, prayer is a powerful and important piece in the puzzle of my life.

To be clear, I’m not talking about religion. I have never believed that we need to be in a church or down on our knees to pray. Prayer is so much more accessible and inclusive than that. And to who or what or why or where or how you pray – is completely up to you. 

For me…

I pray for guidance. I pray to be supported. I pray for peace. I pray to be given clarity. I pray for my work to reach those who need it most. I pray for money. I pray for compassion. I pray to understand. I pray for forgiveness. I pray for signs and I pray for health.

I pray for peace in the hearts of those I love. I pray to be held. I pray for strangers I pass on the street. I pray for doors to open and for the words to flow. I pray that my life will have meaning. I pray that I’m on the right path.



I wrote this prayer a few weeks ago in my journal and I thought I’d share it with you. Maybe you’ll try it on and see how it fits. I hope it feels good. If you’re planning on calling in more creativity in 2016, then it may be just what you need to add some juiciness to your intention. I’ve also recorded it and turned it into an audio meditation. You can use it when you’re walking, in the car or before sitting down to create. Find it over here.

This prayer is a calling, an expression of gratitude, a hope and a willingness to embody and express your creative energy. Breathe and feel into each line, each sentence, each summons. Come home to your creative nature. Live your own version of a creative life.

A Prayer For A Creative Life

To begin with, gratitude.

I am grateful for inspiration, insight and opportunity.

I am grateful for possibility, for passion and purpose.

I am grateful for my resources, relationships and all that is available to me.

I am grateful for freedom of expression.

Work through me.

Alight within me a fire.

I am here to burn bright.

Clear my channel.

Fill my well.

I am listening.

I am brave.

I am worthy.

I am pure creative energy.

I am here to live a creative life.

Free me.

Free me from the shackles of fear, self-criticism and judgement.

Free me from the not good enough’s, the control, the expectations.

Make me limber, fluid, flexible and open.

Guide me to express and communicate my truth.

Guide me to see what I need to see, feel what I need to feel and bring to life what’s inside of me.

Allow me to feel the discomfort, the resistance – and yet, continue to create.

Help me to remember that it is the natural way of things to evolve, expand and express.

I was born a creator.

I have sensational stories to tell, magnificent mistakes to make and generous gifts to give this world.

Hold me. Support me. Give me patience.

Let the light shine through me.

Watch as I radiate, radiate, radiate.

I will not compare.

I will not despair.

I will not judge.

Instead, I will bring compassion, curiosity, willingness and love to my craft and to my life.

I will bring desire, devotion and divine dissatisfaction.

I will bring necessity and grit.

In every thought, idea, exchange, expression, action and project.

Meet me there?

Meet me with strength, softness, inspiration and encouragement.

Meet me with clarity and gentleness.

Meet me with hope and with joy.

Bring me back always, to the joy it all.

Stay with me as I dive into the deepest depths of my soul.

As I share the most tender parts of myself with the world.

Stay with me in the practice, in the process, in the pain, in the pleasure.

Stay with me as I experiment, question, play, communicate, connect and contribute.

Stay with me as everyday, I choose to live a creative life.

Everyday I embody and express more of who I truly am.

Move through me.

Watch me soar.

With peace. With love. With gratitude.

Thank you.



My friends, this will be my last blog post for 2015. What a year it has been!! I’ll be back in the new year with loads of fresh content, stories and insights for you. Plus, I’ll be re-opening the doors to my online course Wild, Well & Creative in mid-January, so pop your email in below to find out how you can join us in making 2016 your most WILD, WELL & CREATIVE year yet. 

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You know I love hearing from you in the comments. Did this resonate? Do you pray? What’s your relationship with prayer like? Share with us all below.

And of course, have the BEST time over the Christmas break! I hope it’s filled with love and laughs and adventures and naps. THANK YOU for being apart of this community, for reading and engaging and for just being YOU. I appreciate it more than you know.


Claire x

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