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I’m Claire Baker and I create spaces where women (just like you) have the freedom and support to figure things out – whether that’s through a workshop, in the pages of an eBook, during a coaching session, or in a straight-from-the-heart blog post. I’m a certified health and life coach, writer, speaker and creative, and I work as a mentor for other online business owners. I’m also very human, very much figuring this stuff out as I go along too.

I believe that all the experiences you’ve ever had have led you to where you are today.

Those struggles you’re facing? The fear and emptiness that sometimes creeps in at 2am? It’s all there for a purpose (even if you can’t quite connect the dots yet).

I know this to be true with every ounce of my being. Why?

Because the struggles that plagued me for years are now the very things that enable me to serve my beautiful clients and amazing tribe from a place of seen-it-from-the-inside empathy and understanding. For so long, I was the girl who thought that when I found the right guy, got my dream job, paid off my debts, travelled the world, lost 5kg, ran a half marathon (the list goes on), THEN I’d be the person I wanted to be. I felt so trapped and stuck, and was all sorts of frustrated with my life. I longed to be happy, healthy, wealthy, sexy, successful, playful, funny, generous, smart… Charming, creative, brave and beautiful.

claire_about collage 3What I’ve realised since then (thank God) is that I already WAS that person.

And the same is true for you: the woman you really want to be lies within you. She IS you already.

The part where I got a bit lost – and where most of us seem to veer off-course – is that we start looking for Her through the external world (cash, clothes, careers, cute-but-inappropriate men 😉 ).

The truth, however, is that these are not the things that will transform you into the person you want to be. She can only come from within…

When I figured that out, my whole world changed. Well, to be honest, shit hit the fan first. It often does in this healing game.  After my entire world fell apart at the end of 2012, I quit my full time job, started this blog and began my studies at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Things got better. These days, I have a growing business that I adore, a loving relationship with my body, I’ve lived in some amazing cities and have found more creative fulfilment than ever before.

I’ve still got so much love for that girl I used to be – who was so hungry for more. She’s integral to this story; she had guts. And you know what? So do you.

I believe that inside each of us is a unique and essential calling (and I know you feel it too).

You’ve had those moments. Perhaps during meditation, perhaps after a few wines, perhaps while travelling the world. You know the ones – where you suddenly get a glimpse of the unending potential inside of you; the ocean of greatness that dwells within. You’ve had a tiny taste of what’s possible, and now you’re aching to invite more of *that* into your everyday life.

But how do you actually make it happen?

I believe that in order to do our divine, creative work in the world – to follow our true calling – we’ve gotta be well.

And let me say it right now (loud and clear, lady): being well is so much more than just throwing back a green smoothie and hammering out a few kilometres on the treadmill so that you can fit into your skinny jeans.

This is about wellness on a deeper level – the kind where you’re as lit from within as you are glowing on the outside; where you take true pleasure in feeding yourself high-vibin’ foods and get actual joy from movement and exercise, where you understand your body’s natural monthly cycle and work with them – not against them. It all boils down to honouring your body and heeding its whispers. If that means a sweaty beach run and a kale salad, that’s great. And if it means a night on the couch with a glass of wine and some dark chocolate, that’s totally fine too.

But here’s the thing: true wellness doesn’t stop there…

To really show up and live your life’s purpose, you’ve also got to be well in other ways – well-rested, well-nourished, well-intentioned… I like to wrap all of these up in a bundle and call them ‘exquisite self-care’: the actions and rituals that nurture you on every level – body, mind and soul.

It’s all about feeling your best to do your best work. And the amazing things is, when you get serious about embedding these self-care rituals and systems into your life, your ability to achieve and act out your life’s purpose goes through the (fricking) roof. In fact, self care = creative fire, my friend. Which is why I’m so passionate about guiding others to take better care of themselves so that they can get out there and create the magic they’re here to create.

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I’m just not interested in fitting into someone else’s neat little box. I’m a health coach who openly loves chocolate (you too? you’ll enjoy this post) and has no desire for a ‘thigh gap’. I’m a writer who sometimes gets scared of the blank page and who likes slipping in the F word when the sentence calls for it. And I’m a business owner who’s intent on forging my own path (must-do’s and rigid rules just don’t float my boat).

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+ My nickname is Bear or Bez, and I’m a travel-obsessed, kombucha-guzzling Virgo, with an inclination for lingerie and dark chocolate.

+ I didn’t grow up living by the ocean, but after a few years beachside here in WA, I can’t ever imagine living away from it now. And then I moved to London! Whoops! #neversaynever

+ I love words – reading them, writing them, studying them, speaking them. The proof is in the (raw cacao) pudding: My Amazon wish-list is huge, I’ve authored a few eBooks, and I’ve got a couple of tertiary qualifications up my sleeve. Oh, and I talk a lot.

+ I love nothing more than immersing deep into my creative work – burying my heart and soul in it and not surfacing until I’m done. That said, I’m also a big fan of stepping back and releasing the need to push – sometimes a little space can do wonders…

+ I’m a documenter. I have journals dating back to 1995 (I was 8!) and I’m always the one at social events (or meandering around on my own) with a camera, snapping away. Olympus is my fave, but I’ll never part with my old Polaroids either.

+ I feel most ME when I’m by the ocean. Surrounded by my big, beautiful, somewhat-crazy family (I’m the eldest of five siblings). Nose-deep in my journal. Curled up with a book and a mug of peppermint tea. Perched in front of a blank canvas. Dreamlining my plans for the future. Did I mention I’n an introvert? INFJ, baby.

+ I am obsessed with the menstrual cycle. (How can I teach women to take care of themselves without being focussed on it?!) And we’re only going deeper in 2017. #adoreyourcycle

+ 2015 was all about two words: Devote + Simplify. 2016 was OPEN HEART. 2017 = Sovereign.

+ Taking the leap into full-time self-employed life was seriously scary, but so bloody worth it. Guiding and mentoring others to do the same? A DREAM. (If this piques your interest, you can learn more here.)

+ My qualifications and education include a Bachelor of  Visual Arts & Design, a Post Grad in Business Administration & a Certification in Holistic Health Coaching.


I believe in STEPPING UP – in feeling that flash of fear, tuning back in to your vision, and choosing to take action anyway,

Doing big work can bring up a lot of ‘stuff’. So in one sense, this space is an online haven to empower you to feel your way through that fear, so that you can step up and be your best self; so that you can be free, radiant, capable, inspired and knowledgeable…

When you explore my world, I want you to feel held. Supported. As though you’ve sunk into your best friend’s couch (complete with a mug of chai and a saucer of bliss balls).

Above all, I hope you find a celebration of life here. For the happiness, the healing and the heartbreak. The ecstasy and the emptiness. For the days we’re high on inspiration and enthusiasm and the days we’d much prefer to stay in bed. For smiles, tears, laughter, pain and joy. For the sweet, sweet reality that we are alive – you and I. And we’re here

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