Hi, I’m Claire!

I’m an Australian women’s life coach based in London. I teach women how to find their flow by living in sync with their menstrual cycle. Hating on your period is so 1993—these days we’re all about the flow, right? I believe that working with our natural rhythm (rather than working against it) is the missing key when it comes to women’s wellbeing.

The intersection of menstrual cycle awareness and life coaching is what I’m here to share, because I know this formula is vital to feeling more balanced, creative, turned on, and tuned in. 

Yes, your period has everything to do with your life goals!

It wasn’t until I stopped taking the contraceptive pill in my mid-twenties, that I realised how much having a menstrual cycle affects women physically, mentally and emotionally. Off the pill, and with oestrogen and progesterone now doing their sweet hormonal dance (you can learn more about the phases of your cycle here), I realised that I became four very different women over the course of a month. Instead of criticising myself for being inconsistent, I learned to welcome these changes. If I paid attention, I could actually predict how I’d be feeling in each phase of my cycle, ahead of time.

I soon knew exactly which day of my cycle I should expect my inner critic to get nasty, my libido to be sky-high, and my intuition crystal clear. I knew when I’d need more sleep, the days I was wildly productive, and the ones I was more prone to procrastinating. I began to plan my life around accordingly, working with my own natural flow, rather than pushing against it. 

And life was suddenly so much EASIER!! I was more productive, better rested, and far kinder to myself.

I knew that what I was learning about my period could be taught to anyone, and that this practice of menstrual cycle awareness could change the lives of so many women, as it had changed mine. Naturally, it became an integral part of the approach I had with my coaching clients. Soon, these women were experiencing dramatic and positive changes in their energy levels, confidence, relationships, sex lives, productivity and self-belief.

Since 2013 it has been my honour to coach women all over the world, and over and over again, to see and feel the transformation that occurs in women when they work with their cycle, rather than against it.

The crimson tide is indeed turning on the way we approach women’s wellbeing and period positivity. In 2018 Red magazine (UK) ran a feature, ‘Does Your Period Make You Feel Like This?’ which detailed features writer Cyan Turan’s experience of working with me as her menstrual coach, with a hugely positive response in their readership. Women’s Health magazine (UK) then re-purposed the feature as ‘Period Coaching: Does It Work In Real Life?’ (the verdict: yes!)

To me, guiding hundreds of women to better understand how to flow with their natural rhythm, and ultimately achieve more of what they want from life, is the best job in the world.

These past years have been devoted to personal research and professional education in personal development, health and life coaching, and menstruality, with leading experts in these fields. I’ve facilitated sold-out Adore Your Cycle workshops and retreats online, in Australia, the UK and across Europe. And there’s still so much more to come!

I’d love to share this work with you, too.

Curious to learn more? 

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So thrilled to have you join the #periodparty, 

Claire x


Claire Baker is an Australian women’s coach based in London. Focusing on the intersection of life coaching and menstrual cycle awareness, Claire facilitates 1:1 sessions, educational online courses and inspiring workshops and retreats. Known for her playful honesty and ability to ‘make periods fun’, Claire teaches women how to sync their lives with their menstrual cycle, believing that this approach is the ‘missing key’ in women’s wellbeing. Her work empowers women to embrace their natural rhythm, claim their self-authority and transform their creative, emotional, sexual, and spiritual self. 

Clairebaker.com is the place to go to learn more about taking an online course or coaching with Claire. You can also find her on  FacebookInstagram and Twitter @_clairebaker_.