Claire Baker is an Australian women’s coach based in London. Focusing on the intersection of life coaching and menstrual cycle awareness, Claire facilitates 1:1 sessions, educational online courses and inspiring workshops and retreats. Known for her playful honesty and ability to ‘make periods fun’, Claire teaches women how to sync their lives with their menstrual cycle, believing that this approach is the ‘missing key’ in women’s wellbeing. Her work empowers women to embrace their natural rhythm, claim their self-authority and transform their creative, emotional, sexual, and spiritual self. 

Learn more at You can also find Claire on FacebookInstagram and Twitter @_clairebaker_.



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Claire has appeared as a guest coaching expert in the acclaimed Beautiful You Coaching Academy and as a health expert in Melbourne’s The Age newspaper as well as online programs such as The Whole Daily’s Life Transformation Project and Bupa’s #HealthyChat Twitter events.

Claire is also a regular contributor to Lorna Jane’s Move Nourish Believe blog and has been a guest speaker in the global brand’s live events.

You can find her articles and recipes in online publications such as Raspberry Magazine, Inspired Coach, Rebelle SocietyOver The Moon Magazine and over at Bupa Australia’s blog.

This is Lifeblood was a top 5 finalist in the 2013 Bupa Health Influencer Blog Awards and with over 12,000 unique visitors a month and counting, was featured as a ‘Blog to Bookmark’ on popular site In Spaces Between.



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“Through her own wellness journey Claire has gone out into the big wide world to learn through experience, what works and why. Because of this, she’s been able to remove the guess factor for those on their own wellness journey. You and this breathtakingly beautiful eBook are a blessing to the wellness industry Claire.“  – Dr. Natalie Kringoudis

“Claire is the real deal – deep, but gloriously light at the same time, authentic as they come, smart ‘n’ soulful and in possession of a wonderfully wicked skill: that ability to whip that all into form via the written word. I adore this girl and am fully behind her mission to move women to vibrant health. Keep your eye on This is Lifeblood – this girl, and this beautiful blog,  are going places.” – Rachel MacDonald

Claire has created a gorgeous resource for women looking to get healthy, minus all the garbage around the ‘skinny = healthy’ shiz. ‘She Is Radiant’ is awesome and I’m proud to see passionate women creating their bliss.” – Alice Nicholls

You can find more testimonials from my clients here and applause for She Is Radiant here.