What if your menstrual cycle was a gift, rather than a burden? What if your menstrual cycle contained pearls of wisdom and deep insight into who you are and how POWERFUL you are?

What if learning to understand your cycle was the key to finding your flow in your body, in business and in the bedroom?

I am passionate (read: obsessed) about spreading the love for periods and cycles and flow, because I have witnessed the powerful transformations in my own life (and in the lives of my clients), that occur when we begin to understand and adore our cycle – rather than fighting it.

I’ve seen and felt the INCREDIBLE SHIFTS that happen when we can predict, work with and celebrate the changes within ourselves each month. Learning how to be mindful of how our bodies change physically, creatively, hormonally, emotionally, sexually and spiritually throughout the month is a lifelong journey and deep exploration into who we are.

Unfortunately, society on the whole does not adore our cycle. We’re told that having our period is dirty, gross and shameful and that PMS symptoms and shifting hormones turn us into crazy, irrational women.

The fact is, most women of fertile age bleed every single month and we wouldn’t even be here if it weren’t for the complex intricacy of the menstrual cycle.

Women ARE created differently to men. We are delicious, cyclical creatures!

We shift and change and flow and I believe – and I really want to share this with you! – that this is MAGIC to be celebrated.


Giving yourself permission to rest and reflect when you need to each month, so that you’re bursting with energy and inspiration at other phases.

Your partner understanding the changes in your libido and giving you the space AND the sex you need and desire.

Actually looking forward to getting your period, LOVING your pre-menstrual time, ovulation – everything!

Using your menstrual cycle as a tool to be the best, most radiant version of you.

In this three hour workshop, you’ll learn:

  • Why understanding and adoring your cycle is one of the greatest acts of self care and self love that you can ever give yourself.
  • The different phases / seasons of your monthly cycle and how to interact with them in your life.
  • Why it sometimes feels like you are four different women each month! (And why that’s OK)
  • Nourishing and practical self care rituals for each phase of your cycle for more ease and flow in your life.
  • Tips on structuring your business, home life, diet, movement, creativity, routine etc. around your cycle.
  • More about the connection between our menstrual cycle and the lunar phases.
  • How to understand what your body is communicating to you through PMS symptoms, changes in libido etc. by tracking your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual shifts each month.
  • About alternate, sustainable options to traditional sanitary products, including moon cups and eco-friendly pads.
  • How we can embody our feminine energy and flow in a very masculine-driven, results-focused world and how to communicate what we’re learning about ourselves with our partner, friends and family members.

Naturally, tea and nourishing treats will be provided. You’ll also receive a free cycle tracking calendar to begin using NOW so that we can share our insights on the night. Come play!

There will be a maximum of 25 participants per workshop.

Purchase your ticket below or click here. Any questions? Email me here. x