What if your menstrual cycle was a gift, rather than a burden?

After years of being on the contraceptive pill, it was nothing short of a revelation when I stopped taking it a number of years ago and began to experience a natural cycle for the first time in over a decade. Suddenly I had this whole new body: physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, creatively, sexually, everything shifted week-to-week. With zero clue what a true menstrual cycle felt like, let alone an understanding of how to ride these rhythms of my inner seasons, I felt like I was four different women a month — and I wasn’t sure that was a good thing. Oh, and seriously… what the heck is ovulation?!

I began to track my cycle, researching and reading and leaning into this whole new world of womanhood which had opened up before my eyes. I realised that there were weeks when my creativity soared and there were others when the words didn’t come so easily. There were weeks when I’d smash my to-do list, bust it out at the gym, head out for dinner and do it all over again the next day… and then there were days when time off everything was best.

By learning how to work my menstrual magic and structure my life around these changes, not only did my life begin to flow better, but I began to sew together all of the important bits of healing work I’d been doing for the past few years, resulting in a deep and rich acceptance of my body and womanhood, in a way I hadn’t yet experienced. I wondered: why weren’t more people talking about this? Well… we’re not taught to talk about our menstrual cycle are we? Let alone adore it. And yet...

This is the best self-care, self-love, personal development, productivity enhancing, relationship building, playful and pleasurable tool I have to share with you. Now in an eBook!

What's inside these digital pages...

    • A deep dive into my 'cycle story', space for you to reflect on yours and journal prompts throughout.
    • Guidance on the hormonal changes we experience each month and what this actually means for us.
    • Detailed explanations of our internal seasons, including self-care practices to experiment with at each phase.
    • Information and tools to help you track your cycle.
    • Guidance around sharing this information with others.
    • An introduction to our female archetypes and how to work with these energies throughout the month.
    • Guidance from qualified holistic health practitioners, focussing on herbs, diet and simple lifestyle changes to help alleviate period pain and pre-menstrual symptoms.
    • Thoughts on the pill and advice from Dr. Natalie Kringoudis.
    • A practical, personal approach — based on my very real experience — stirred with a spirited splash of science and a critical dose of community.
    • My thoughts on body acceptance and self love. This work isn’t just about loving the brighter, happier parts of ourselves: we are all shades, each month, yin and yang. I love that I can feel into these various parts of who I am and safely express these changing energies without self-criticism or judgement. You’ll learn how to do this too. This is so much more than just periods and PMS.

You'll also receive:

  • An invitation to our women-only private Adore Your Cycle Facebook group. (Think: JUICY CHATS)

  • Four online yoga classes to compliment each season of your cycle by yoga teacher Bettina Rae.

Audiobook also now available!


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From my own personal practice, to exploring these concepts with my private coaching clients, to teaching a number of Adore Your Cycle workshops in Australia and London, I have seen and felt the transformation that occurs when we begin to understand and work with our cycle, rather than against it.

Frequently Asked Questions 

I’m on the pill / have PCOS / am breastfeeding / don’t have a regular cycle — is this eBook still for me?

Absolutely. Even if you’re not currently experiencing a regular cycle, this information is useful. A lot of women don’t bleed every 28 days — what’s most important is that we learn how to understand our own unique changes energies and work with them, not against them. I’ve had some women who aren't currently experiencing a cycle tell me that they love being able to share this information with their friends and sisters and join the collective conversation.

What can I expect to get out of this eBook?

Ultimately, I want Adore Your Cycle to feel like an invitation to experiment with a new way of living. I’m also hoping that (with a bit of willingness and action on your part) you’ll find a desire lit within you to truly change your relationship with your cycle, your body and who you are as a woman. What you’ll definitely find within these digital pages is over 34,000 words of heart, personal experience, research and clear guidance, all wrapped up in lovely design and illustrations. 

Can I connect with other women reading the eBook?

Absolutely. Connection and conversation is pivotal when it comes to learning to adore our cycle and embracing a cyclic way of living. Being able to say ‘hey, does this resonate with anyone else?’ and hearing a resounding ‘yes!’ is healing and comforting. We have a private Facebook group for all of these kinds of juicy, menstrual cycle, woman-hood related conversations. If you're not interested in joining, that's fine too. 

What software do I need to download and read this eBook?

I use PayPal to take payment which means that you can use your PayPal account or a credit card in whichever currency you prefer. You’ll then receive the eBook as a PDF file over email, which you can read on your computer or send to an iPhone or kindle. Your bonuses will be sent via email also. 

I hate talking about my period, will this make me uncomfortable?

Change and growth is often uncomfortable and this eBook will probably (I hope) inspire both within you. We’re not taught to have these kinds of conversations and so a gentle and kind approach is always best when approaching anything new. That’s how I suggest reading this eBook, with self-compassion and curiosity.

   Kind Words

"Adore Your Cycle gave me a deeper understanding, honour and respect for what it means to be a woman. I love the idea that I can plan my schedule around my cycle and that I can avoid having to pull out of commitments due to feeling introverted, sensitive or tired, by knowing in advance when the best time is for me to socialise and commit to events and projects. Sometimes, I wish I could feel more balanced, productive and consistent all the time, but this has taught me how to embrace my cycle and support myself through each season, rather than being at war with my femininity and my body." — CONNIE CHAPMAN

"I learnt more about myself in Adore Your Cycle than I have in the last three years reading countless blogs and self-help books! I honestly used to HATE my period and always felt it was burden, disgusting, gross, yucky and annoying. Now I can see how this time of the month (in fact every week!!) is the perfect opportunity for self love. It's a great time for self-reflection, going inwards and taking it easy. — JADE YATES

"I love knowing exactly where I'm at in my cycle, it's really connected me back to my body and helped in really feeling into it and showering it with love and gratitude. I've learnt to be gentle, I've learnt to honour my body and I've learnt to freaking love my period. I've been sharing this with my girlfriends and they're also hooked. I plan to pop it on my boyfriend’s phone because he's now very well versed with my cycles as well. The other day I told him I wasn't feeling very good - I was feeling really flat - and he responded “is that because you're on your winter phase?” Bless him!" — ABBEY LAKE

"Your workshop opened my eyes to a new way of living in conjunction with my menstrual cycle and not against it. I have a new sense of being in tune with myself—it really is amazing how my moods and emotions flow with the season I'm in. I can't believe I've never put the two and two together! I understand myself better now and so does my hubby (I explain to him where I'm at). This information needs to be taught to young girls and I'll be passing all this onto my daughter when the time comes so she better understands her body and isn't embarrassed by it. Periods don't need to be something that we don't speak about. We could learn so much about each other and ourselves if this information was widely known." — KYLIE ANDERSON

"Honestly, you think you have your shiz sorted at 30 and know a fair bit about yourself and your body, but my oh my how wrong I was. Adore Your Cycle truly opened my eyes to a whole new world of my cycle and the different phases and how it is OK to not be OK sometimes and to understand the different moods and emotions that we have—and how it is ALL LINKED. Truly mind blowing, yet.... simple. Something I feel EVERYONE needs to know." — MEAGAN BIGNESS

"Learning to understand the importance of self love and how heavily that can impact on our menstrual cycle and how we feel at different times of the month has been a revelation for me, especially how embracing these concepts can make my relationship with my partner even better. He listened to everything I had to say about the seasons, totally embraced it and is now reiterating all of these concepts daily!" — TAHLIA THOMAS

"Since the Adore Your Cycle workshop I've really stepped up the cycle self-care and I've been sharing this knowledge with my coaching clients too—I can see it's such an area of intrigue for many women. It’s so exciting!" — SAMMIE FLEMMING