It’s no secret I am a wee bit obsessive when it comes to books — always have been, always will be. And I know you guys are too! After doing my ‘read a book a week challenge’ for a year, I got a bunch of emails and comments asking about whether I’d considered creating an online book club. 

Such a great idea! So I made one! No doubt this space will grow and evolve over time, but for now it’s living on Facebook, a totally free, non-promo area and at this point in time we have 130 gorgeous women sharing the book love. We’re aiming to read a book a month, both fiction and non-fiction, with time for chats and reflection and author interviews. While I’m ‘holding space’ for the group, everyone is encouraged to prompt the group with thoughts and questions as we dive into the content of each month’s book.

  • This I Know: Notes on Unraveling the Heart / Susannah Conway

  See you over there xo

Ps. If you know any other book lovers who would be keen to join in, feel free to share this post with them or tag your reading adventures with #cbsbookclub on Instagram. 🙂

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