My most recent trip to Bingin, Bali was in contrast to any time I’ve spent on the ‘Island of Gods’ before.

This time I went with my man, whereas before I’ve only ever flown solo. Heart-opening yoga, organic food and meditation in Ubud were traded for afternoons riding with my boy on the back of a motorbike, with salty hair and sandy feet.

Balinese coffee and banana pancakes. Bintang and Nasi Goreng. We explored, we relaxed. We ate. We swam. We surfed (well, I tried to). We slept. 

And it was no less revealing or soul-serving than my previous getaways. As Elizabeth Gilbert so wisely observes in Eat Pray Love (in Bali no less)…

‘To lose balance sometimes for love is part of living a balanced life.’

So, can I convince you to take a holiday? To remind yourself that losing balance for love (of your partner/family/life/art/whatever), is truly the ingredient for living a balanced life.

That’s all I have to say today. I hope my captured moments below inspire you to clear your schedule, book the flight or even just close your laptop for the day (as I am about to do!) xx

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Share with me in the comments gorgeous, is it prime time you showed yourself some love by carving out some time for a holiday?