I, Claire Baker, do believe it’s due time for a wee round up of all the goodness getting around, don’t you? We’re well and truly into Spring and with that, comes an energy of rebirth, renewal and exploration…

And I’ve been looooooving it. I’ve cut back on a bunch of stuff (namely social media and the desire to be constantly ‘busy’), and I’ve been revelling in the energy of essentialism; what is most important to me? Let’s let go of the rest and hone in on that.

I’ve created an ‘Essentialism Challenge’ for the women I coach 1:1 and everyone is LOVING this permission to strip back the crap and immerse themselves in what’s truly significant for them. So here are a few things that are helping me vibe HIGH in the Spring energy, create real space and zone in on what’s essential for me for the rest of 2014. Dig in!

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