Are you looking for a coach for support in your life, health, menstrual cycle, or creative business?

I think I have one of the greatest jobs in the world. Why? Because for me, work is spending one-on-one time with women who are conscious, creative and care deeply about the world. Women who desire to feel empowered, enriched and energised in their life.

claire-baker_coach-1I teach ambitious women how to find flow in their health, life, business, menstrual cycle, and creative expression. 

I do this work because I’m ENERGISED by connection, freedom, growth, creativity, and positive contribution.

I am fiercely CURIOUS about the collision of creativity and wellness.

I am PROUD to be a woman in business today.

I am EXCITED about the possibilities that arise when (and only when) we are nourished, replenished, energised, and encouraged.

It’s no coincidence that you and I were born at this time, with the opportunities, possibilities and avenues that we have available to us.

As a collective, women are connected and empowered in a way that history has never seen before. The feminine IS rising. I am deeply devoted to sharing the truth and power of women, by encouraging and supporting others in our sisterhood who feel this power stirring within themselves too.

If you have great things to create in your lifetime, I want to know you. I want to work with you, to support you as you bring your dreams and visions to life, with ALL parts of yourself honoured.

Whether it’s a business, a blog, a new way of being or something that you can’t quite put your finger on yet… I have (as one of my client puts it) a ‘raw and honest approach, no bullshit but with a massive injection of positivity where nothing is off limits.’

I work with ambitious women who:

  • Are ready to focus on wellness and self care, taking a holistic perspective on what it means to truly RADIATE, to love and honour themselves in all areas of their life.
  • Have felt the call to learn more about the wisdom of their body by practicing menstrual cycle awareness, and are ready to deepen in this work, together.
  • Are building business that are purposeful, creative, and heart-centred. Bloggers, entrepreneurs, start-ups, freelancers, and #ladybosses who are here to create change in the world.

Maybe you’re a little from column A or C, maybe a little from all. Either way, you believe that nourishing food, natural cycles, how you move your body, sex, spirituality, strategy, cash, community, play, pleasure, and presence are all vital, important areas of your life. Sometimes these areas need a little extra sustenance and support.

You know when it’s time to crank your support systems up a notch (or ten). Is that time now?

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claire-baker_inspired-coachMy clients share with me that they love:

  • Having someone who fiercely believes in their vision and mission.
    • Learning about their menstrual cycle and how they can work with their flow – not against it.
  • The kick-ass, focussed action steps we create together in each session.
  • Feeling wildly LIT UP with creativity and inspiration, ready to implement and experiment.
  • Feeling understood, SEEN and heard.
  • The combination of pleasure and practicality, strategy and sensuality.
  • My guidance navigating (and succeeding in) the online business world: eBook publishing, online course creation, creative direction, copywriting support, blogging, self-employment guidance and building a loyal community.
  • Having direction and sweet clarity in all areas of their life.
  • The gentle reminders to ‘do less, be more’.
  • Learning to set boundaries, create timelines and schedule like a pro.
  • Aligning their life to become an expression of their soul in the world.
  • Having permission to follow their deepest desires and curiosities.
  • Learning how to trust their intuition, to live and create from the HEART.
  • Sinking into self care and self love, body acceptance and celebration of themselves.



A three month coaching commitment to each other.

This is my tried-and-true, proven formula for finding your flow to create deep, lasting transformation in your health, life and/or business.

Package details:

    • 1 x 90-minute introductory session.
    • 5 x 60-minute sessions.
    • Audio recordings from each session.
    • Email support and worksheets.
    • Access to my She Is Radiant eRange & Creative Living meditations.
    • A 30% discount on all group workshops & online programs.
    • £230 (approximately $400 AUD / US$300 ) per month for three months.
    • Alternatively: click here to book two programs in advance (6 months in total) for a 10% discount per month.

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What will I bring to our partnership?

I have completed certified training to become a holistic health coach and have completed tertiary studies in both business management and visual arts. I am currently undertaking an apprenticeship training in menstruality. The experience of privately coaching over 100 women, combined with regularly hosting group workshops and teaching hundreds of women in my online courses, has given me a deep understanding of the challenges and desires that women are experiencing today.

Making the decision to take care of ourselves and shine our light in the world isn’t an easy one. I get that. There’s all kinds of fear, comparison, self doubt and resistance that show up when we make the decision to live our life on our own terms and to begin to CREATE. I commit to holding you accountable, to seeing what you can’t (or won’t) see about your life and to always gently guide you back to your heart. Over the past few years of building a profitable online business, riding the ebbs and flows of self-employment (ie. creating a life of freedom and taking better care of myself than I EVER have before, I know this is to be true…

claire-coaching-2We do our best work in the world, when we feel our best. All parts honoured. Self care and self expression hold the key.

Let’s do this, together.

A few final things…

  • I work with a maximum of six clients per month and spots fill fast.
  • All sessions take place over Skype or over the phone.
  • You can read what others have to say about working with me here.
  • Do you have more questions? Awesome, you’re welcome to email me with ‘COACHING ENQUIRY’ in the subject line. I can’t wait to hear from you!