Have you ever wondered who you are? Have you ever struggled with identity or longed to know what your purpose in this life is? I certainly have – many, many times – and I have a feeling you might have too.

Let’s see…

  • At twenty-four I quit my job, sold my car, broke up with my long-term boyfriend and backpacked all over the world for six sweet months, discovering deep, deep parts of myself as I discovered the world. And ah, racked up a whoooolee bunch of debt.
  • At twenty-five, I sort of lost my mind. I call it my quarter-life crisis. Cue desperation and dissatisfaction. Cue A LOT of journaling, pleading, soul-searching and self-sabotaging.
  • At twenty-six I finally stopped binge drinking and started practicing yoga and meditation. Taking care of myself, to get to know myself.
  • At twenty-seven I quit my job (again), started my own business and moved to the other side of the country, chasing down passion and purpose with vigour.
  • And here I am at twenty-nine, and I *think* I’ve finally let go of this life-long obsession to discover who I am, by any means necessary. I’ve discovered a much easier route to that destination: the creative process.

Does diving into the creative process, exploring our desires and curiosities and taking inspired action change your life?

I think so.

What I’ve found (either personally, with clients or chatting with my friends) is that whether we’re building a blog or baking a cake, launching a business or taking up dance classes again, we illuminate all parts of ourselves through the creative process and we make statements about who we are, through creative action.

And we figure it all out, as we go along.

The exciting part is, that no matter what our circumstances are, we can always choose to express ourselves in one way or another. We can always choose to come home – and find ourselves – through our dreams, curiosities and creative expression.



When did you last use the gift of creativity to express yourself, to express your soul? How long has it been since you explored your dreams, curiosities and desires?

Not sure where to start? I’ve got fabulous news for you! I’ve got goodies and they’re FREE!

2016 Freebies Graphic - transparent

I have for you:

+ ‘Discovering Yourself Through Creative Expression’ Audio MP3 (plus the transcript) with accompanying workbook exercises to reaaallllyy go digging for that soul-gold.

+ PLUS because all I seem to want to talk about right now is periods and menstrual cycles and the moon and how MAGIC (and seriously life-changing) it all is, I have:

+ ‘Flowing With The Menstrual & Lunar Cycles Audio’ MP3 (plus the transcript) with an accompanying Lunar & Menstrual calendar to tie it all together and GET CYCLE TRACKING.




These gifts are a few of my favourite pieces from my online course Wild, Well & Creative, which I’m just days away from re-opening the doors to for 2016.

And because I love love love the pants off you (and I want to catapult into this year feeling generous and open), I want you to have these, whether you decide to enrol and join us or not. For a limited time only, they’re yours.

You see, we are an intricate, interesting and enigmatic bunch us human beings and this process of creation and self discovery is a mysterious one indeed. It truly takes a lifetime.

And it is SO worth it.

YOU are worth it.

Enjoy your freebies and please — share the free love with your mates!

Claire x