Creativity Making Art

Just so you know, I normally work to a blog schedule/calendar. In advance, I know what I am generally going to write about that week. In the name of authenticity, it’s VERY flexible and changes often, but rarely (if ever) do I sit down at my computer on a day I hadn’t planned to publish, and tap away in a frenzy, sending a new post out into the blogosphere. 

Today, is one of those rare days.

Ahhhhh creativity and making art. My constant teachers. 

Late last year, I made a video (and for some reason the link won’t work – sorry!) for you and declared my desire to share more creativity-based content on the blog. I had visions of interior styling ideas, home DIY projects and the like (Pinterest eat your heart out), but it hasn’t really happened like that. Why? Because while I enjoy being creative and “arty”, I’ve never really been one to share stuff I create.

To be honest, I make art for me. And it’s rarely ever about the final product; it’s the process, the doing, the making, that I enjoy the most.

I’ve felt somewhat guilty about not really coming to the table with my promise to share more creative stuff, and also frustrated because the topic is SO close to my heart; I’ve just been trying to figure out a way to best explore it here.

Because to me, creativity is about becoming observant of the ways we express ourself, every single day. In my eBook She Is Radiant, I explore the idea of turning our whole lives into art; using colourful plates for lunch, experimenting with our wardrobe, taking a new route to work, singing to our pets… But how do I regularly explore this idea on the blog?

I’ve been stumped.

I was totally inspired this morning by a blog post that my current girl crush Kate Northrup published, in which she shares the idea that is in the ACT of creation where the magic lies. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a best selling book, planning a wedding, a dinner party or (whatever your current creative project may be), it is the expression of self that matters. 


So I, Claire Baker am giving myself permission to chat with you more regularly about creativity, about making art in the arena that I am most passionate about. The processes and the behind-the-scenes and the prompts (to get you going), and the realisations I’m having along the way as I continue to create and express myself in this life. 

So how will this look?

I’m not really sure – yet. But let me give you an example. 

After discussing this frustration of ‘not knowing how to talk about this creative stuff’ with my mentor Rach earlier this week, I had this incredible realisation (while munching on a delicious custard tart) with one of my best pals Lacey this morning. I realised that I’ve been trying to work on my own creative projects between client sessions during the week – and finding my energy is just distracted and scattered. Totally not supporting myself. Yet, an awesome realisation to have. 

I’ve also been declaring Friday my “creative projects day”, which is always my first day off after a 5 day working week. What?! That is MENTAL. That is the day I need to be resting and recharging; the last thing I feel like doing after working all week is coming up with fresh ideas and innovating. Are you the same?! 

So I’ll be re-structuring my week to reflect these realisations and honouring my creative energy by doing so. 

I realised that THIS is the kind of stuff I should be sharing. And really, these are ideas that I explore with my clients all the time. Is that the kind of thing you’d be interested in reading about?

How to best support your creativity, how to explore it, how to immerse yourself in it. How to FEEL a certain way by engaging in it.

What structures and schedules I use (like the aforementioned blogging calendar) that create space for my work to thrive. I want to talk to other people about their creative process, get inside their heads (and maybe even their homes… a ‘Creative Spaces’ series perhaps?!) 

I’d really (really!) love to know your thoughts on this topic in the comments below. Let’s share this around, get a conversation happening. Over to you!

I’d love to send you some love. Join the tribe!