What do periods have to do with productivity? Can the natural rhythm of your body affect your creative energy? In this fun and practical online course, we're going to explore the fascinating intersection of menstrual cycle awareness and creativity. You'll come to know your creative flow, and work with it to optimise your personal, professional, and fabulously creative life. 

Periods & productivity. Your menstrual cycle and your creative self. Are they connected? Absolutely.

If you've been paying attention to your cycle (or even if you haven't) it's likely you'll have noticed there are weeks you're focused, motivated and productive — but others you're blasted with self-doubt and fear.

The creative process isn’t linear, and neither is the rhythm of the female body. 

In a busy world obsessed with 'the hustle' and production above all else, cycle-conscious creativity is the medicine that can bring us home to ourselves and sustainably propel us forward.

In Creatrix we are as equally invested in the kind of creativity that nourishes your soul, and the kind that gets things ticked off your To Do list. In this fun and practical four week online course, you'll learn how to use your cycle to build momentum on projects (let's get those ideas out of your notebook and into the world) and connect with the simple joy of making

"Art is when you hear a knocking from your soul and you answer.” — Terri Guillemets

We'll use creative exercises, journaling, and meditation to remember that when we feel creative, we feel alive. You'll learn how to use your cycle to manifest what you want, into in your life. And the framework to channel that creative power? It is literally coded into your body!

Let's unlock it.

How will this course help you?

  • Cultivate more clarity, decisiveness and self-authority as you build on your awareness of your own menstrual cycle and how it affects you.
  • Become more effective by identifying when you get your best ideas and feel the most focused and confident. Hello creative superpowers!
  • Increase productivity and reduce procrastination caused by fear and self doubt, by identifying where in your cycle these creative vulnerabilities lie.
  • Reduce stress by inspiring more time for rest, practicing mindfulness, and connecting within.
  • Can benefit your career, relationships, sex life, wellbeing and how effectively you serve your purpose in the world. Not sure what your purpose is yet? The Creatrix approach can help you to identify that too.
  • Manifest more of what you want, into your life. Yes, your period is that powerful!
  • More joy! This course will get you making. It's fun. Creativity is fun. And this course will help you to play in that realm again, even if you haven't picked up a paintbrush since high school.

Here's what you get:

  • Video lessons on the creative qualities of each phase of your menstrual cycle, and of the creative process.
  • 'Creatrix Menstrual Map' to chart your cycle and identify your unique creative superpowers and vulnerabilities.
  • Creatrix workbook with journaling prompts and space for reflection and integration.
  • Audio meditations for each phase of your menstrual cycle. 
  • Guided creative exercises (think: drawing, dancing, collage...) to connect with your intuitive creative self. 
  • 2 x live Zoom group coaching calls (these are optional and recorded) to receive direct feedback from me & group guidance over the duration of the course. These will be held at 11am GMT on the 24 January & 7 February 2019.
  • Group hangs in the private Facebook group for chats & support from likeminded women.

Creatrix January 2019

Course starts:  August 2019

Course duration: 4 weeks  
Enrolment fee: £97 (approx. US$126 / A$175)


How much time will I need to invest in the course each week?

You'll need approximately 1.5 - 2 hours a week to take the lessons, do your charting and exercises, listen to the meditations, and join (or listen to the recording) of the group calls. 

My cycle isn't 28 days long. It's longer / shorter / erratic! Does that matter? 

Many women find their cycle doesn't consistently follow a 28-day pattern. Mine certainly doesn't! And that's fine. You will still move through the four phases that we're working with, regardless of how long or short your cycle is. 

How is the course delivered?

Everything is delivered digitally over email, video, audio & PDF. You'll need an email address and a computer or smartphone to access the content. You'll also need a Facebook account to access the online group. I recommend printing the 'Creatrix Menstrual Map' to chart your cycle, as well as the workbook.

I don't think I'm very creative. Does this still apply to me?

Everyone is creative, in their own way! Creativity means different things to each of us. It can be expressed through clothes, your career, relationships, writing a book, painting a house, choosing a wool rug for your living room or in the way you prepare a meal. This course will remind you that you are 100% a creative being.

Will you be running this course again?

Creatrix will run again in late-2019. You can be notified when it runs again by clicking here.

How is this course different from your courses FLOW or Radiate?

FLOW teaches you how to journal your cycle and see patterns. Radiate goes into the science of the cycle, cycle-syncing, and has a focus on self-care. Creatrix is focussed on the creative power of the menstrual cycle, and teaches you how to unlock your creative potential by understanding your own cyclic creative superpowers and vulnerabilities.

Does this course apply to women who don't have a menstrual cycle? eg. pregnant, breastfeeding, post-menopausal, trans women, someone who has had a hysterectomy, or is experiencing amenorrhea?

This course contains guidance, knowledge and specific practices that will benefit anyone who identifies as a woman. I value inclusivity, and am learning more everyday about how I can be more conscious and inclusive of others in this work. The content of the teachings is grounded in menstruality, and in the experience of a 'natural' menstrual cycle, ie. ovulating and menstruating. An experience of a menstrual cycle (present or past) will help with integration of the work. If you are no longer cycling, or will not experience a natural cycle again, the content can still apply, as the archetypal creative process is still the same. You can also use the lunar cycle as a substitute if that helps! (I hear it does!)

My currency isn't pounds. Can I still take the course? 

For sure! When you make payment using PayPal, the currency will automatically be converted to your own.

I have a personal question, can I email you privately?

Please! You're welcome to contact me on claire (at) thisislifeblood.com. 

Where can I sign up to your newsletter?

You can sign up here and receive a bunch of free resources! 

Feedback & Testimonials

"Claire has gone out into the world to learn through experience, what works and why. Because of this, she’s been able to remove the guess factor for those on their own wellness journey. You and your work are a blessing to the wellness industry, Claire."


"Claire's work has taught me how to embrace my cycle and support myself through each season, rather than being at war with my femininity and my body."


"I love knowing exactly where I'm at in my cycle, it's really connected me back to my body and helped in feeling into it and showering it with love and gratitude. I've learned to be gentle, to honour my body, and to freaking love my period!" 


"You have truly opened my eyes to a whole new world of my cycle and the different phases and how it is OK to not be OK sometimes and to understand the different moods and emotions that we have—and how it is ALL LINKED. Truly mind blowing, yet.... simple. Something I feel EVERYONE needs to know."


"I have spent the majority of the past 16 years trying to understand my cycle better. As a qualified nurse I understand the biology and was convinced I had a hormone imbalance. Further tests said not, leaving me to wonder how else best to manage my cycle. After researching and reading a plenty, it was not until I read your work that things truly made sense. I can’t thank you enough for the work you have done, it has opened up my world to a different way of living. It’s quite possibly saved my marriage and is spurring me on to leave a job I hate." 


"Claire holds an incredibly safe space for you to explore how you want your life to feel. I feel ridiculously lucky to have been mentored by her & couldn't recommend her more highly to others. I feel completely 'in the flow'!"


"You've opened my eyes to a new way of living in conjunction with my menstrual cycle and not against it. I have a new sense of being in tune with myself—it really is amazing how my moods and emotions flow with the season I'm in. I can't believe I've never put the two and two together!"


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