dream big

So it turns out that when we dream big, it actually works. 12 months ago I was in the biggest transition of my life – a family tragedy, a new city, career change, a return to study, adjusting to being single – and figuring out what the heck I wanted from this life.

It’s often in these times of transition where we put things into perspective and our fears are lessened; we aren’t afraid to dream bigger, to ask for what we really want.

And so I did! I wrote this post, declaring my dreams and desires for the next 12 months. And here we are, one year later in June 2014. What has manifested in my life? What hasn’t? Click play and find out… Things are about to get quite personal, but hey. Why not!? I’ve shared with you things like exactly how much debt I was in this time last year and what I did when I decided I wanted to find a man… 

Pretty flipping amazing, hey? A few things to remember…

+ Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. Vision boards. Journalling. Blog posts… Dream big and put it out there.

+ Dreams don’t work unless we do. You need to take inspired action. For me, this has meant things like pro bono coaching to begin with and experimenting with different types of offers, consistent blogging and writing, working on my money beliefs/habits, asking for love and going after it etc.

+ Be specific when dreaming, but not attached to the outcome. Stay open and let go of control. If I had of taken off overseas this year, I wouldn’t have paid off so much debt and I wouldn’t be in this relationship I am in right now. There is always a higher plan!

+ Focus on the feeling. How do you want that dream to feel? Tune in to that. Now.

I can’t wait to hear your dreams or what has manifested for YOU this past year. Share away lovelies!

And yep – pop it in the diary. My eBook She is Radiant: Your 6-Week Wellness Adventure to Get Glowy & Feel Rad will be in your hot little hands next Tuesday 10th June. Ohmygosh, so excited!

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