A couple of weeks ago I declared and shared my dreams and desires for the next 12 months here. It felt gooooood. Did you do the same?

So I took it a bit further. I’m envisioning Future Claire, visualising (and manifesting) my life right-down-the-track. I’m all for the power of presence but it’s a truly beautiful place in your idyllic imagination. 

Here we go.


I’m 30-something (or so) but feel as young as ever, my skin glows and my body sings. I work with inspiring and innovating humans, people who blow my mind and are a catalyst for change. I coach beautiful women from all over the world. I write, write and write some more. I make art. I feel useful, creative and with soul. 

My babe of a husband and I spend months travelling abroad with our little family (one boy, one girl please), accumulating less and experiencing more. Once a year I take off on my own, yoga-retreating in Bali, lounging on the sand in Barcelona, riding tuk-tuks like a local in Chiang Mai and writing in cafes in Paris. I feel sovereign, free and alive.

I look at the love of my life with respect, admiration and fall more and more in love with him everyday. We teach our children to love themselves, to be mindful, curious and brave. My parents are retired comfortably; their lives reflect ease and flow. My sisters visit often, my brother strong and well. 

I dream of a haven of creativity and wellness. Our gorgeous home overlooks the ocean; natural light, open doors and polished floor boards. Tree houses with rope ladders and fairy lights in the branches. My bestest girlfriends and I sip chardonnay on the deck, belly laughing and smiling in awe of each other’s love-filled lives. I feel connected, grateful and loved.

Yoga mat unrolled; sun salutations in the morning, savasana at dusk. My own books on the bookshelf, veggies on the stove, (lots of) money in the bank, stamps in the passport, art hanging on the walls. I feel fulfilled, engaged and open. 

And every single day I ask myself ‘How can I put more good into this world?’

And I do.


Tell me darling, where can you dream a little bigger? Tell me all about it in the comments.