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There’s something in the air right now. Can you feel it?

Anxious, dark, heavy clouds seem to be hanging over a few of my friends at the mo. Myself included.

In my current read, Broken Open, Elizabeth Lesser writes ‘despair is a non discriminating fellow. When he throws a late-night party, he invites every hopeless situation that troubles the mind.’

Sound familiar?

A big week (eBook launch, hosting a live conference call, a full schedule of coaching clients, getting my period again and pre-holiday preparations – all exciting of course), combined with a full moon and HOT, flustery weather has flicked the switch on my jittery levels.

It starts in my forehead, goes down my throat and jaw and into my chest. 

It’s even more frustrating when they’re all wonderful things that seem to have tipped me over the edge, but I know for many people, this rings true. A new job, a baby, a big move – all BIG life transitions that sometimes bring with them a darker shade of mood, as we give our mind time to ‘catch up’ to all the awesomeness we have created for ourself.

Call it self sabotage, limiting beliefs or growing pains – I’ll call it all three – but it’s time to shake this cloud away.


I’ve written before here about how I deal with anxiety (although I really despise that word – feeling anxious works better for me), and I thought I’d add a few more tips to the list (make sure you check out my first roundup), as well as extend my arms open wide to any one else who might be feeling this same way this week. Hugs.


 + Get out of the house.

Working from home, I often feel extremely claustrophobic and irritable after staring at the same walls, couches and clothes on the floor (whoops – it happens), for extended periods of time. A trip to the beach, cafe, or bestie’s place usually calms me down quick stick.

+ Avoid coffee. And eat fat.

I’ve mentioned before that alcohol and sugar exacerbate restlessness within me. Coffee – as much as I LOVE it – does the same. This just means I don’t have coffee when I’m feeling the way I’ve been feeling. I love coffee, it’s not something I’ve ever felt the need to avoid entirely, it’s just something I am mindful of. Eating more fat settles my nerves and is a fab tip I picked up from Sarah Wilson‘s latest post on the matter of nervous energy.

+ Cry your eyes out.

We release stress hormones in our tears (true story!), so having a big ol’ cry can bring instant relief. This past week I’ve found myself tearing up at the beach, on the train, in a cafe, at yoga… Ha! Find a sad book/movie if you have to and just get those waterworks flowing.

+  Aromatherapy.

I love using essential oils when I’m feeling stressed. A dab on my temples or just under my nose is just divine. Try these beauties from Sacred Self, the Truth and Passion oils are my fave! I keep a bottle on my desk, next to my bed and in my handbag – for emergencies!

And my favourite…

+ Do what you love.

In Broken Open (seriously, you need to read this book), Lesser discusses poet Rumi’s words…

Today, like every other day, we wake up empty

and frightened. Don’t open the door to the study 

and begin reading. Take down the dulcimer.

Let the beauty we love be what we do.

There are hundreds of ways to kiss the ground.


Don’t open the door to the study and begin reading, if all you need to do when feeling empty and frightened is simply do what you love. Kiss the ground. Simple is key here – and do what works for you.

How do you drop your burdens? How do you relieve stress? How do you connect to yourself?

For me that looks like yoga, floating in the ocean, roasting vegetables, reading my fave magazine, op-shopping, browsing in over-priced homewares stores, rearranging pictures on my wall, filling my house with flowers, even hanging out washing on the line on a sunny day…

How do you counter despair and fear, in the most simple of ways? How do you kiss the ground?


Tell me in the comments, have you been visited by this cloud of jitters and awkward tension this week? What do you do to counteract nervous, fearful energy? I’d love to know. 

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