Get Unstuck - updated coverMy FREE eBook ‘Get Unstuck: A Workbook To Create Clarity, Ignite Your Spark & Keep You Moving Forward’ – the updated, redesigned and shiner version – is finally here!

So why did I create this workbook for you?

Well, there was a time in my life (not so long ago) when I desperately longed for more – to be more, do more, have more – yet I had zero idea how to get moving. ‘I’m so indecisive!’ felt like my life’s motto and FOMO ran the show.

I felt stuck.

I can still remember the constant dissatisfaction and frustration, the self doubt, self sabotage, resistance, judgement and fear.

This was my belief: I’m not good enough, I don’t have enough and I never will.

An observation I’ve made after working with almost 200 women over the past couple of years (coaching in a 1:1 relationship and in my group workshops) is that under all of our past stories, lies that same limiting belief.

Now let me tell you this. Believing the above is a sure-fire way to find yourself in Stucksville. A place that feels rather suffocating and gross. We’ve all been there, but that doesn’t mean we have to stay there. Our past is our past. We’re looking forward.

And thus, the purpose of this workbook is to help you find clarity and clear the fog that is preventing you from shifting gears and finding your flow. In fact, the simple fact that you’re reading these words signifies that it’s time for you to express yourself fully, in all of your glory. I know you want this.

I also know that as a coach and mentor, I have a hunger to provide guidance, to teach, to learn and to share; to empower women – like you – to radiate, and it has been my greatest honour to use the tools and insights that I’m sharing with you in these pages to inspire women all over the world to move. To shine.

To get unstuck.

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At an epic 39 pages, with updated bonus and exclusive content from contributors such as Melissa Ambrosini, Alice Nicholls, Rachel MacDonald, Emma Kate, Emily Ehlers (and way, way more), plus powerful new exercises, personal stories and worksheets… Not to mention the fresh, new design! It’s pretty awesome. And still 100% FREE. Ahhhh, collaboration! 🙂 

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I’ve had a few people mention that it’s “too much value” to be giving away for free, but I disagree. If there was something like this available (and so accessible) a few years ago as I was navigating Stucksville… It would have been life-changing.

All the ideas, exercises and strategies that I am sharing with you here, are ones that I personally use and adore. Every single personal story and experience is from the heart.

So you could say, this workbook is kind of like a heart-felt coaching session with me, fused with a D&M and wrapped up with a killer strategy session. It’s all kinds of awesome. Plus, you’ll instantly become a member of my community and tribe, with exclusive weekly updates, insights and ‘behind the scenes’ goodies that I don’t share anywhere else.

Let’s get stuck in shall we?

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Big love and mega appreciation!

Claire x

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