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Whether you’re here to kickstart your journey into better understanding your menstrual cycle or looking for inspiration and a place to re-anchor back into yourself, you’ll find some treasures in this trove of free love.

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A 90-minute video masterclass about:

    • My story and journey with my cycle.
    • How our hormones change in each phase of our menstrual cycle and what that means for us.
    • How we can work with our menstrual magic in each phase, optimising our inner seasons.
    • Practical self-care tips for each phase of our menstrual cycle.
    • Q&A with questions around natural contraception, practicing this work ‘in the real world’ and how we can best take care of ourselves in each season.

11 cycle-calendar


The average length of a woman’s menstrual cycle is about the same length as a lunar cycle: 28 – 29 days. Every month the lunar phases follow the self-renewing, cyclic and creative pattern of a woman’s life, as with our own menstrual cycle. This means that every single month we get a fresh chance to reflect, release, renew and create!

Use this calendar to track your cycle and inner seasons, following the moon and exploring your connection with it.

Get UnstuckGET UNSTUCK: A Workbook To Create Clarity, Ignite Your Spark & Keep You Moving Forward

This 39-page eBook has been celebrated for its ability to cut through indecision and inspire action, in a soulful, heart-centred and unique format.

Combining worksheets and powerful exercises that I use with my 1:1 coaching clients, with personal anecdotes and bonus (exclusive!) content from a bunch of passionate, influential women, this is one helluva workbook. Keep it nearby at all times.

 THE PRINTABLESManifesto collection

This collection features:

      • The She Is Radiant Manifesto
      • The This Is Lifeblood Manifesto
      • My Monthly Magic Making Planner
      • The Mindful Food Diary
      • The Monthly Planner

All beautifully designed to inspire and instil some radiance in your routine and some spirit in your schedule.

Audio duo


This audio duo of meditations is designed to amplify your self expression and inspire, support and encourage you on your path of creative living.

      • Raise Your Vibe Meditation: To find our tribe, we must raise our vibe. This 8-minute meditation is designed to raise your vibration, nurture your creative core and bring a sense of openness and relaxation through deep breathing and visualisation.
      • A Prayer For A Creative Life: This 6-minute audio is a prayer, a request, a calling, an expression of gratitude, hope and a willingness to embody and express your creative energy. Breathe and feel into each line, each sentence, each summons. Come home to your creative nature. Live your own version of a creative life.