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This post is an excerpt from my upcoming eBook Get Unstuck which launches next Tuesday 11th February. A workbook to create clarity, ignite your spark and keep you moving forward. Read to the bottom for details on how you can snap up your FREE copy and help me out by contributing some of your wonderful ideas to the book!


It was during a coaching sesh with my blog and business coach – yep, coaches get coached – where she asked me ‘what problems do your readers face?’, that I realised I hadn’t asked you that question in a while.

You know, as a coach, creative, writer and blogger it’s incredibly important for me to feel useful. 

I have a burning desire to make things better, to lift people up.

I want my work to empower you to show up and move forward. I want to be able to give you the tools you need to live the life you were born to live. In order to be of service however, I need to know what is holding you back. I need to know where your fears lie.

So I put a post out on my Instagram and Facebook.

‘Where are you feeling stuck? And how can I help?’

After pouring through your emails, responses on my social media and digging deep into my own stories and experiences, the idea for this workbook was born.

Here I have gathered the best tools, tips and tricks that I use with my clients – and personally – to create momentum, shift what needs to be shifted and swap confusion for clarity.

Naturally, I believe in the power of community and collaboration, so I’ve also gathered a little help from my friends. I’ve asked some of the best health and life coaches, professional travel bloggers, yoga teachers, spiritual mentors, creatives, writers, graphic designers and health professionals – some seriously inspiring ladies – to shed some light on how they get unstuck too.

Oh yes gorgeous, you’re in for a treat.


But how did I get here? What do I know about getting unstuck?

Let’s look back shall we? In 2012, I’d just returned from 6 months backpacking around the world. I was living in Melbourne and working full time in a job that didn’t serve my soul.

I didn’t  hate my job – it paid well, I had fancy business cards and I got to travel overseas – but I was far from inspired. I knew I wanted to feel creative and help people, but I had no clue what I wanted to do.

I was also adjusting to single life, slowly and painfully. I’d change my interests, personality and tastes to suit the dude I was dating. I was terrified that I was 25 and still hadn’t met Mr Right.

Since the age of 16, I’d weighed myself daily. Sometimes multiple times a day. The brain-space that my obsession with my body took up was suffocating.

I never felt skinny enough, fast enough, flexible enough or strong enough.

I would spend my weekdays at the gym, munching salad and drinking green juice, but come the weekend, I’d sink booze on an empty stomach and spend my Sundays guilt-ridden, on the couch with greasy takeaway.

I felt like I was constantly worrying about money and not having enough. No matter how much moolah I earned, I was always scraping the bottom of my bank account and sinking further and further into debt.

I feared that I wasn’t a good enough daughter, friend, sister or employee.

I believed that what other people thought of me, defined who I was. I regularly felt confused, indecisive, frustrated and pissed off.

I was incredibly caught up in the ‘dilemma’ of spending my 20s either travelling the world or settling down and buying a house. I felt that was a decision I had to make, but whatever decision I made, I would probably regret it.

I wanted to make and teach stuff. I wanted to feel creative and with purpose. I wanted to nourish myself, without the bingeing and the guilt. I wanted to explore.

I wanted to look back on my life, and know in my heart that I had lived a full life.

But I was stuck. In every area of my life, I was stuck.

Let’s lighten the mood, shall we? Let’s fast forward to today.

Get Unstuck_Claire Baker

Using the tools, tips and tricks I’m sharing with you in this workbook, today I can shout from the rooftops that I love my life in a way that I thought was only reserved for a lucky few.

Working as a coach, one on one with women who desire to live a full, healthy and happy life (and believe in their hearts that they deserve it), makes my heart sing. Writing feeds my soul. Connecting, creating and collaborating form my backbone.

I’ve found an intense love for the connection and space that comes with time alone – as well as finding freedom, authenticity and devotion in my relationships. I’ve given myself permission to be ME, no matter who I am with – or how hot the guy is!

I’ve thrown out the scales, quit getting drunk, figured out what diet and exercise works best for my body and taken self care to a whole new, nourishing level.

I’ve learnt to love money – seriously! If there’s an area of my life I’m still working on, it’s this one. But my mindset has shifted dramatically, my abundance is growing and I’ve learnt that this is perfectly, wonderfully, more than OK. It’s my birth right.

No longer do I stress constantly about what other people think of me. Coming to the realisation that what other people think of me, actually has nothing to do with me, has changed my life.

Discovering the power in the present moment and the gift of gratitude has eased my fears surrounding the future. I’m OK with what is ahead of me, because I can – most of the time – trust the process and let go.

I’ve also grasped the reality  that it’s perfectly normal to revel in our humanness and have moments of indecision, uncertainty and fear. In fact, these are integral threads in the fabric of life. And I have chosen to wrap myself (snugly) in it.

I have chosen to get unstuck. Continually, consciously, every day, I make this decision. Join me, won’t you?

With love,

Claire x


Tell me gorgeous, how do YOU get unstuck? PS. I’ll be sharing some of your wonderful comments and ideas in my workbook! Power of community? Heck yeah. Over to you!