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There are people in my life who I admire, respect and adore. Then there are people in my life who I admire, respect and adore AND have a gigantic girl-crush on. Without sounding like a total creep, Claire Obeid falls in the second category.

Maybe it’s the shared-name thing, but it’s most likely the fact that she is an authentic, real, caring soul who is so passionate about helping others to live a healthy lifestyle that she has built her business The Wellness Project to become the melting pot of health, yoga and balance that it is today. Claire offers health coaching, yoga classes, an amazing e-course and a brand new eBook; she’s created a real haven of holistic health.

Claire is kind, helpful, honest and open and has both feet firmly planted on the ground. Or on her yoga mat. If all you do is sign up for her ridiculously informative (and free) weekly newsletters, you will gain momentous amounts of information and guidance. I’m so thrilled to have Claire on the blog today. Enjoy!


 So, first things first. What is your dream?

Aah, I always feel a little silly answering this question, because I don’t have a big ‘dream’ or goal. Where I am at right now feels like a dream! What I dream of is humble – I simply want to live a life of balance and true happiness. That means healthy, light, open, free, present, excited, strong, aware, real, content. No matter what I’m actually doing these are the things I dream of experiencing each day. I really want to live and breathe from intuition and love – because I know that when I do I manifest everything that I truly need.

What makes up your lifeblood? 

Everything that makes up my life! Evolution – learning, studying, growing, exploring. Meditation (silence). My husband (cuddles, love, cheerleading). Good food made from scratch. My family. Coaching. My clients (my god, they rock). Yoga. The ocean (my bliss) and the sun (life source). Nature – sunrises always floor me and the beauty all around us makes me feel connected. Sharing – writing, blogging, vlogging. Energy. Love. Love. Love.

What has been your biggest fear to date to overcome?

Learning how to surrender – learning how to let go of ‘stuff’ that was holding me back from living my best life. I even wrote a book about it because the journey has been so key to my own growth, evolution and life!

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 Being healthy means that I…

I have daily non-negotiables (yoga, clean food, water, alone time, meditation, affirmations, love) but outside of that to me healthy is listening to what I feel – physically, emotionally and spiritually and nourishing myself accordingly. It’s about putting myself first because I love and respect all that I am.

To me, the word ‘healing’ means…

Space, love, compassion, surrender, time…

Where is your ultimate travel destination? 

I love places that test me, crack me open and inspire me. I spent 6 weeks in South America and all I want to do is go back and explore it more. It’s magical.

What DRIVES you?

The daily opportunity to grow and evolve and to help other women do the same! I believe that our sole purpose on this planet is to experience LIFE and doing so from a balanced, happy and healthy foundation. I LOVE sharing that with others.

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Choosing love over fear means…

Coming back to the truth. Remember who and what we really are and embracing our divine power. Every element of the journey of LIFE is invaluable – the good, the bad and the ugly – and from that comes a place of deep awareness, wisdom, peace, intuition, truth and ultimately LOVE. To me there is only love. We easily forget it because fear is familiar and comfortable, but when we embrace the truth – LOVE – we embrace ourselves fully and completely. [Click to tweet this!]

I feel really creative when I…

Write. My blog helps me connect to my inner creative.

And when I coach or teach yoga – I feel as if I get to tap into some unknown, unseen part of myself that works from a space of intuition. It’s such an incredible experience.

If you could tell your 14-year-old self one thing, what would it be?

I would go back to my rebellious, lost 14-year-old self and I would tell her that one day she is going to find herself (and like herself!) again and realize it was the person she had always been.

Can you share with us your secret indulgence?

My Goji-Cacao-Tahini Balls – recipe here!  And Reiki! I just received my Level 1 certification, but I LOVE getting a treatment. 


Claire Obeid 3Claire Obeid is Holistic Health Coach, yoga teacher, writer, and blogger – but really she sees herself as a soul-centred wellness advocate living her dream. Claire truly feels that we are what we eat, think, feel, breathe, do… and encourages individuals to respect the breath, the body and the mind. Through her blog, ecourse and ebook, coaching practice and speaking gigs Claire passionately shares health, wellness and the truth – that we can all live, breath and be in balance, true happiness and health. Free from limiting self-beliefs, health issues, emotional turmoil, poor self-esteem and stress. Claire’s thrown out the diet-plans and rulebooks and instead coaches, writes and teaches from a place of intuition, knowledge and respect. Guided by the fundamentals of connecting in to who you are, feeding the body in the best way possible and nourishing the soul. 

Check out Claire’s blog and buy her ebook here. Stay connected to her on Twitter and instagram @claireOwellness and visit The Wellness Project Facebook page for daily affirmations, wellness tips and more.


Tell me gorgeous, what can you take from this interview today? Where can you find space for more wellness in your life?