Picture this. You’re overworked due to your stressful corporate job, you’re punishing your body by exercising to the extreme and not eating well. You’re not looking after yourself. Then you get a wake up call. You’re diagnosed with severe adrenal fatigue, polycystic ovaries, insulin resistance and a whole host of hormonal and blood sugar issues. What do you do? Do you take the life of medication or do you listen to your body and attempt to cure yourself naturally? 

This is exactly the predicament the gorgeous Corona Brady from Nurture Pod found herself in in 2007 and as you can probably guess, she took the latter option. Now a qualified Health Coach, Yoga Teacher and Reiki Healer, Corona took accountability for her illness and transformed her health and lifestyle. Today, no trace of any of these health concerns exist in her (very bendy!) body and now helping other people on their own transformational health journey is what she gets to call ‘work’. How awesome is that!? She also has the coolest make-you-melt Irish accent and the most beautiful wedding photos I have ever seen. Babe bride alert! Check her blog out for more and read on…


What has been your biggest fear to date to overcome?

Oh so many but I think it would have to be overcoming my fear of flying. From a very young age I had an absolutely terrifying fear of heights. One memory I have as a child was when we took a family trip to a historic tower, I remember all my siblings running up the stairs with excitement and I was very slowly crawling behind. I actually remember crawling half way up the tower and then having to come back down in tears.

Anyway this led into my teenage years, I remember taking my first flight to see my sister in London and I was absolutely petrified. I was an anxious mess and having got to my destination in London I spent the remainder of my holiday fearing the flight back. All my holidays after that one involved taking valium to get me through the flights. I remember my fear being so bad one time that I literally had a panic attack on board. This was the most frightening experience ever! This was no way to live surely I thought! I had dreams of travelling the world from a very young age; I knew I had to do something about it. So when my partner and I booked our round the world trip flights to South America + Australia (8yrs ago), at that same time I booked myself in to do a fear of flying course! At the time I paid a lot of money for this course but I knew it would be money well spent and it was!

To this day I have not looked back and I love flying now! I took my very first flight alone (long haul) back to Ireland and I remember thinking at the time “Wow Corona did you ever imagine this was possible?” I was very proud of myself!

What makes up your lifeblood?

LOVE, LOVE and more LOVE. On top of that, my job as a yoga teacher, coach and healer – I LOVE nothing more than helping others heal + my absolute passion is sharing my knowledge, love and light with others. I feel so incredibly lucky and blessed to work with so many incredible women. Sometimes I really have to pinch myself. I’m lucky and blessed to have found my soul’s purpose!

Being healthy means that I…

To me this means that I practice love + kindness to myself, I put myself always first, daily self-love, daily self-care, green juices, GREENS daily, I consume wholefoods (foods that are the closest to nature), I try to aim not to consume anything processed or out of a packet, I spend time with loved ones, I check in regularly to see how I’m going, I listen to the messages my body is trying to tell me, I meditate, I practice yoga, I practice love + kindness to others, I have fun and laugh, I spend time with my hubby (lots of cuddles), I give back to others and the community where and when I can, I cry (if I haven’t had a good cry there’s something wrong!), I allow myself to feel every single emotion, the good and the bad, reiki self-healings(I just got my Reiki 2 attunement and its working wonders on my emotional body), time in nature, walks by the healing ocean, reflection, gratitude, tapping (EFT) I’m loving this right now for anything from stress to releasing anger, sadness, procrastination + even self-sabotage.

Where is your ultimate travel destination? 

I’ve got to say South America has been the best destination we’ve travelled yet (my hubby and I). We spent 9 months backpacking through Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay and Chile 8 years ago on route to Sydney. I love everything about it! It’s exciting, inspiring, new, magical, exhilarating, refreshing, picturesque, and gosh so many other words. We plan to go back with our kids and backpack again 2nd time (this time with children). We have dreams of getting Central America + Cuba in one day soon too.

I’m also going to mention India; it’s been on my wish list for the past 3 years and finally I’m making it happen. I’m off there for 5 weeks in Dec which I’m very excited about!

What DRIVES you?

I’m going to list all the things that I’m passionate about as I most certainly believe they drive me in life; they are what get me out of bed in the morning!

Love & friendships & family & being of service through the work that I do as yoga teacher, healer & coach & self-healing & community & meditation & yoga & kundalini yoga & my amazing students (watching them grow and progress in class each week) & my incredible coaching clients who just blow my mind, learning & growing & hugs & laughter until it hurts & crazy fun times & sunrises & sunsets & travelling & breathing & crystals & reiki & kirtan & singing & mantras.

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I feel really creative when I…

When I’m really looking after myself on all levels – physically, mentally, spiritually + emotionally. I need lots of time in nature and you’ll usually catch me in Bronte Park every day (a favourite hideaway of mine + a break from my desk). Of lately I’ve noticed that by practicing Kundalini Yoga (which helps to clear any energy blocks in my body) it brings about a beautiful stream of creativity for me. It really gets me in the flow.

If you could tell your 14 year old self one thing, what would it be?

Stop trying to be someone you’re not, just be and LOVE yourself. Love and accept every single inch of yourself. When I was young, I hated my shyness, I hated my sensitivity – I wanted and tried so badly to be that loud person. It didn’t suit me, it wasn’t me. Since then I’ve learned to really love and accept these parts of myself and I’ve also learned that they are nothing to be ashamed of but are beautiful gifts to have! Own and be proud of your gifts. We all are unique and have something to share with the world.

Can you share with us your secret pleasure?

At the moment it’s my yummy Dandelion Cacao Delight. Add 1 tsp of dandelion tea, 1 tsp of raw cacao, pinch of cinnamon, 1/2 tsp of coconut oil to hot water. Make sure to leave some room for the coconut cream (add a couple of splashes for that wonderful creamy taste). Seriously this is the business! I’m literally hooked! Oh and also my homemade Ferrero Roche (it’s amazing)!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

Oh gosh that’s a tough one! My business NurturePod is still a pretty new born baby. My hope is to truly reach those near + far spreading my love, light and wellness. I want to keep learning and growing forever and I don’t think I will ever stop attending courses and workshops and teacher trainings etc. I see it and believe it as part of my long life! I have dreams of having my own yoga studio one day which will have a therapies room off it for healing and coaching + perhaps even an organic store and café. I’d love something similar to what Samudra offers (in Broome). I hope to have written and published my very first book and hope to be running yoga and wellness retreats. Things and times change so this is just a rough guide I guess!

Family wise, my hubby and I want to have two kids. I want to live a very happy, enriched, meaningful and full life. I want to bring my kids up to yoga, meditation and wellness. I plan to get them in the kitchen from an early age. I want a nice simple life, contribute to my community, live by the ocean, grow our own veggies, travel the world with our kids, and spend quality time with family and friends.


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Corona is an Intuitive Holistic Health + Life Coach, Yoga Teacher, Reiki Healer, Yogi, Writer, Blogger, Dreamer, Believer + Lover of life. She is inspired by nature’s ease and the healing power of love. She finds true freedom in living life fully from the inside out. 

Corona’s intention is to offer her heart to the world as a healer, coach + yoga teacher through words that motivate, inspire, and encourage. Corona is dedicated to helping people to find their true balance in their lives. She uses a holistic approach in helping amazing women reach their health, well-being and, lifestyle goals. She guides, supports, coaches and empowers people to begin a journey in discovering a more balanced, energized, happier and healthier new version of themselves.

She specialises in stress management, anxiety, digestive issues, emotional health, spirituality, self-love, breaking through fears, weight management + finding inner joy/happiness all with a strong emphasis on ‘yoga’. You can connect with Corona at or on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.