I first stumbled upon Michelle Marie McGrath’s website Sacred Self about a year ago and quickly downloaded, printed off and devoured her eBook 7 Ways to Love Yourself with glee and an open mind. The whole self love fiasco was new to me and I was trying to figure out what it all meant.

I desperately wanted to know how to positively strengthen my relationship with myself and Michelle’s ideas, passion and total devotion to self love and loving action was the perfect workbook to accompany me as I navigated my way through the sea of self love by introducing various way I could incorporate loving practices into my every day life. So wonderful. 

This was all long before I enrolled in B-School and Michelle became a fellow B-Schooler pal. From here, we’ve connected online and I have had the pleasure of experiencing the incredible Alchemical Oils she creates and let me tell you, they are SUBLIME. A truly magical product that has now become a daily essential for me to relax, reconnect and feel all gooey and focused and centered and stuff. You seriously need these babies in your life.

This beautiful woman radiates warmth and generosity and I am so excited to introduce you all to her today. Feel the love.


So, first things first. What is your dream?

To be much more mobile than I am currently. If I don’t travel regularly I start to feel so restless.  My dream is to be able to spend about 3 months of the year in the UK and Europe, spending more time with family and friends.

I set an intention in 2003 to open up to 100% self-love and this is something I drop deeper into each day. This is my lifelong commitment to myself and it’s changed my life from the outside in, not without its challenges obviously.  My dream is to share these learnings in a much bigger way, through Self-love Mentoring, writing, speaking and my self-love product range.

What makes up your lifeblood?

I am passionate about loving and accepting all parts of me (not just the parts I like).  The more I focus on this, the more balanced and loving my relationships are with all people.   I love reminding myself and others that self-love is the answer to any perceived issue.  I’m not talking about just having a few green juices and slapping on some coconut oil (which I love by the way), but about fulfilling our deepest needs and not expecting others to fill this for us. The more we take responsibility for our lives, the more we can be of service to the world.  Win/win.

What has been your biggest fear to date to overcome?

Wow this is tricky – I can’t think of anything currently. I’ve done lots of things in my life that have pushed me out of my comfort zone so I guess if I do feel fearful about something, I don’t let it stop me. I was depressed for years and that was very debilitating as I felt as though I was in a neverending tunnel at the time.  When I first started to do public speaking at events that was extremely nerve-wracking for me.  I had nightmares for two weeks before I had to speak at a Kinesiology conference about my product range.  I listened to hypnotherapy audios (which I absolutely love) and that made a huge difference. I love hypnotherapy and its ability to influence our unconscious mind.

Being healthy means that I…

Listen to my own inner wisdom and let my heart guide me.  The more I listen to this voice, the more my life flows.  I make choices that are right for me and coming from a place of love.  I ask myself every day ‘what do I most need from me right now?’ It tends to make things very simple.

To me, the word ‘healing’ means… 

Self-empowerment.  It’s about taking your health into your own hands and opening yourself up to the love inside you. No-one else can ‘heal’ you. I’m not even a fan of the word because that applies that something is wrong or needs fixing, when in truth it’s a process of loving and accepting ourselves more deeply.


Where is your ultimate travel destination? 

That’s so hard to choose as I’ve travelled so much and the world is an amazing place.  New Zealand is one of my favourite locations in the world but I’m also looking forward to going to Hawaii, some time in the near future.

What DRIVES you?

LOVE and laughter.  I also love reminding people that they have all the love and answers inside themselves. It’s wonderful to experience when someone has had a light-bulb moment and are feeing empowered.

Choosing love over fear means…

Fear will always be there, as it’s just part of life – but choosing to listen to your heart, rather than your head.  As the old saying goes, everything is love or a call to love.  Fear is coming from a part of us that wants to be seen and loved.

I feel really creative when I…

am meditating and creating my products.  There is something very creative about losing myself in all the sensory delights of intuitive aromatherapy. It’s so magical.

If you could tell your 14 year old self one thing, what would it be?

Not to waste time worrying about what anyone else thinks about you, but to put much more energy into your thoughts and feelings about yourself. To treat yourself like your own best friend and know that you are more than enough. That you create your own path in each moment so choose what you want and go for it.

Can you share with us your secret indulgence?

For me, most things can be solved in the bath or shower 😉 It’s my sacred space. I light candles, meditate, dream and find solutions to any problem.  Water is so calming and soothing (must be all my Piscean planets!). When I’m in the shower I love to visualise a rainbow column of light, energising me. I intend to be cleansed and balanced on every level. I love it!  Try it.  I also totally love trying different chai teas and combing with raw vegan chocolate and raspberries.


michellebeach-208x312Michelle Marie McGrath is a Lovepreneur & Self-love Mentor.  She creates Sacred Self’s organic Self-love range of Alchemical oilsbespoke Sacred Scents and popular self-love cardsShe’s the co-author of Love and Oneness in the best-selling Adventures In Manifesting series and author of 7 ways to love yourself ebook.  Michelle is passionate about falling in love with ALL parts of herself, and creating products that remind others to do the same.

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