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What comes to mind when I think of Rachel MacDonald? I’ll start with warmth, generosity, radiance and joy. Succulents and flower crowns. An enormous grin. Visual finesse and writing prowess. Passion and purpose, love and desire, truth, freedom, gratitude and fire – in the belly. Life lovin’ seriously cranked up a notch or two (or ten).

Rach has soul. Damn, every cell in her body must vibrate to the rhythm of life. Anyone who has ever popped their head in over at In Spaces Between, Rach’s extraordinarily inspiring (and ridiculously successful) blog, will attest to her enthusiasm and unwavering conviction to live a big, beautiful life – and her ability to encourage others to do the same!

I’ve been an In Spaces Between-er for a long time and recently started blog/biz/life coaching with Rach too – which has been nothing short of exceptional. Rach lifts you up. She opens doors and melts your heart and stirs your soul and gently reminds you that life is a magical place and you my darling, you are an exquisite human. And who doesn’t like to be reminded of that? 

It is of monumental excitement today that I bring you one of the most influential people in my life thus far (although really, the journey has only just begun – yes!), the brilliant and beautiful, Rachel MacDonald. 


So, first things first. What is your dream?

To allow the giant that resides inside my soul to find its fullest expression.

To keep tapping the source.

To feel abundant, generous and expansive – every day.

To transform and evolve, and lovingly support others as they do the same.

And to laugh (often), speak (truthfully), love (deeply) and connect (genuinely) with as many incredible souls as I can along the way.

(The beautiful thing is – this is actually my life. Wow).


What makes up your lifeblood? 

A simple and sweet cocktail of love, joy and creativity – with a dusting of magic on top.


What has been your biggest fear to date to overcome?

Stepping out of the corporate world – which was “home” for 10 years – and starting my business late last year definitely brought up all my money, security and “Can I actually DO this?” fears, but taking that leap of faith has been one of the best things I’ve ever done.

I’d love to share here is that I truly believe fear is a compass, showing us where we need to go to grow. I future-tripped on the ‘What if’s’ of leaving my job for about 12 months before I actually handed in my resignation letter, but the fact the fears kept showing up (hello, who invited YOU?) was proof I was on the edge of something awesome.

RachelMacLrg11Being healthy means that I…

Nourish my body with energy-giving goodness, nourish my mind with wise words and positivity, and nourish my spirit with stillness, exploration and plenty of gratitude.

To me, the word ‘healing’ means…

Awareness. Compassion. Releasing the attachment to suffering, old stories, old identities, limiting beliefs. Restoration. Love, love, L O V E!

Where is your ultimate travel destination?

Ahh, travel. Glorious, cup-filling, pulse-quickening travel. GoodgodIfreakingloveit (sorry, just got lost for a moment there).

New York, I adore for the crazy, electric energy that pulses up and down the streets, the melting pot of cultures, the creativity and the cool.

The Swiss Alps, well, the love affair started recently on our honeymoon and I swear a piece of my heart has danced out of my chest and taken up residency on top of one of those perfect snowy peaks!

The paradox of simplicity and grandeur in the Alps really grabbed me – the bold blue skies, the green and yellow of the meadows, the cow-bells and cute huts… and also, these enormous, majestic and menacing mountains that stand proud in the background. Take me back, pleeeeease.


Photo taken from Rach’s recent envy-inducing honeymoon posts!

What DRIVES you?

The burning desire to live a big, beautiful life.

Choosing love over fear means…

Living, fully.


I feel really creative…

When I get that delightful surge of energy that tells me it’s ‘go time.’

Those are the times when nothing will hold me back from the page or the screen – when the words tumble out of me and hours disappear and I’m smiling the whole time.


 If you could tell your 14 year old self one thing, what would it be?

On a defining moment: You don’t realise it because you’re an independent little creature and have felt like an adult for years, but it’s kinda magnificent that your parents are letting you fly around the world by yourself at 14 (for a visit with family in the U.S and a wedding in Ireland). High fives all round.

Bonus advice: You are lit with so much power, honey. There’s a world of wonder up ahead. Just you wait.

Can you share with us your secret indulgence?

Highly recommend my (massively addictive) raw choc caramel bites. Trust me when I say that one bite never enough. Ever.




Rachel MacDonald is a life and blog coach, soul-centred writer and speaker, and was selected as one of Problogger’s ‘Top 15 Bloggers to Watch in 2013.’ She is also the co-author of Spirited: Soulful Lessons on Clarity, Connection + Coming Home (to You).

With unwavering enthusiasm, electric insights and a whole lotta heart, Rachel guides passion-fuelled women out of fear and uncertainty, and into lives and businesses they love (and truly desire).

Rachel believes in big ideas, fresh perspectives, freedom, self-love, beach runs and your innate brilliance. Clarity meets creativity, intention meets inspired action. That’s her special brand of magic.

Connect with Rachel at In Spaces Between, FacebookTwitter and Instagram @rachelmagahy


Massive babe right? Let me guess, you’re totally fuelled on inspiration now for your weekend?

Tell me in the comments, what’s one word that sums up how this interview made you feel? And, go!