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You know those people you cross paths with from time to time, but never really connect with fully for one reason or another, until one day the stars align and BOOM you’re suddenly super-pals and you wonder why you never said ‘hey let’s be friends!’ – sooner?

That’s Sarah and I for you. We’d seen each other around (various online hangs, social media and Facebook groups), but it wasn’t until last April when I finally dropped this woman a line and said those four magic words above, that our friendship began to blossom. So. Glad. I. Did.

Our online friendship became a real life friendship last year, when Sarah came to Perth and we practiced yoga, drank green juice and chatted on the beach about life, love and travel. Bliss! 

This lady oozes radiance and joy and has a wicked sense of humour to boot. As well as being an occupational therapist and  holistic wellness coach, Sarah’s a mover and a shaker who adores colour and creativity. Her gorgeous blog is a real testament to that! 

Plain and simple, she digs her days. She’s a lover o’ life and I LOVE her. I know you will too! 

NOTE: If there’s someone online (or in real life) that you have been admiring from afar, let this story serve as a gentle nudge to drop them a line and say helloLet’s make more of an effort to connect with one another this year. 🙂


So, first things first. What is your dream?

To live my life to its fullest potential possible without regret. To make the most of every opportunity that comes my way. To spend each day doing something I love to do and to have fun. To always feel limitless, empowered and grateful. To live close enough to the beach with my family and friends nearby. To continue working alongside women in a coaching and counselling capacity.

What makes up your lifeblood? 

The soulful, love-filled relationships I have with my fiancé, friends and family. Working alongside clients and connecting to my true purpose and passion, while making a valuable contribution to the world.


Constantly learning, evolving, inspiring, discovering, having fun, laughing, indulging in good food, great wine and travelling – these things see me happily skip along to the rhythm of life!


What has been your biggest fear to date to overcome?

Stepping out into the big wide world of online business and private practice has brought a lot of my fears to the surface. Fears of failing; of not being good enough; of not having enough money; of not having enough time. Initially, I remember feeling nervous as I anticipated the reactions of others.

Moving in a meaningful direction can find us all experiencing the rise of uncomfortable thoughts and feelings. We will all commonly feel fear and self-doubt as we act on our values. So for me to achieve the goals important to me, I made room for those thoughts and feelings. I was sure that I was allowing the real, authentic me to shine through which enabled me to release those fears and fully trust the process It’s been confronting, but so fantastically rewarding being able to dive deep into fulfilling my passions and purpose.

sarah greasley

Being healthy means that I…

…nurture and respect myself on all levels – mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I listen to my body and give myself what I need and desire. I eat nourishing foods and move my body everyday in a way that feels good for me – I especially love to run, cycle and do yoga. I pursue my passions which I have done by undertaking further study and diving deep into the work I love by opening up my own private practice which has already seen me grow and evolve. I engage in activities that I enjoy and which make me happy. I spend time with positive and like-minded people who support and encourage me. I am gentle with myself, rest and have down time when I need to, and say no to things that don’t ‘light me up’.

To me, the word ‘healing’ means…

…the practice of acknowledging, processing, loving, accepting, forgiving and then releasing.

I find having massages, practicing yoga, generally slowing down, and maintaining some kind of balance in my life, to be incredibly healing.

Where is your ultimate travel destination?

I’m lucky enough to have travelled to many amazing destinations, each of them having been my ultimate destinations at a certain time! For so long, my ultimate travel destination was Nepal with the aim of trekking to Mt Everest Base Camp. I travelled there last year on a solo trip and it totally exceeded all expectations!  It was indisputably the best thing I have ever done. My experience was spiritually rich, electric, exhilarating, challenging, amazing and life-changing.   I LOVED e

very second of it and get a bit nostalgic thinking about the time I had there.


 It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves. – Edmund Hillary


Now my ultimate destination is South America and the Caribbean.  My partner and I are headed there this year and we’re planning to backpack, explore, eat, drink, learn some Spanish and hang with the locals! I love nothing more than to explore and fully immerse myself in cultures different from my own. Bring it on!


What DRIVES you?

A burning desire to continue to expand and live a bigger, more beautiful life. I’m always searching for fresh ways to bring new discovery and learning into my life.

Choosing love over fear means…

…to give up the battle with fearful thoughts and feelings! Fear will always be there and by choosing love over fears means to stop investing our energy in struggling with them. It means to practice full acceptance of ourselves and to see ourselves as complete beings. When we do this we are free to behave like the people we want to be, free to do the things that truly matter and free to live our lives without the limitations we once created for ourselves.

I feel really creative… 

…when I’m blasting some music, singing and dancing like no one is listening or watching (even if they are!), travelling, taking photos, using colour in every way I can, writing, decorating my house. When there is no real purpose but to fully and authentically express myself, I am my most creative.


If you could tell your 14 year old self one thing, what would it be?

You are beautiful and you are enough.

Can you share with us your secret indulgence?

Solo days at the beach – reading, dozing, swimming, eating at beachside cafes, writing, running, meditating. PURE BLISS!



 Sarah Greasley is an occupational therapist and holistic wellness coach living and working in Brisbane. Sarah is all about living a vibrant, full and purposeful life and she loves to see people she works with do the same.

Sarah created her own business because inspiring and empowering people on their individual journeys to good health and an amazing life makes her heart sing.  She supports people via occupational therapy, counselling and coaching  to create meaning and purpose for themselves, gain greater confidence, reduce stress and take action towards living  healthier, happier, more balanced lives. You can connect with Sarah on her website, blog, Facebook and Instagram.


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