Beach 1

I’ve had a pretty big few weeks. Exciting, scary, BIG.

I made a couple of large decisions and finally committed to whole-heartedly pursuing my passion in life, no back-up plan necessary.

I’ve committed to living on the other side of Australia, 3,500 kms from home. I resigned from my job in Melbourne and enrolled my butt in a course through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition that will qualify me as a Holistic Health Coach. This is a big step in the process of me living out my passion and purpose on this beautiful planet of ours; to help others live a healthy, happy, creative, passionate and authentic life.

Writing my little heart out and blogging through This is Lifeblood is another BIG building block in that process; expressing myself here, reaching out, connecting and inspiring others. I’m also working on new creative projects and collaborations to help others find more spirituality and creativity in their lives.

This is my true passion in life. It feels good to put that out there.

I’m also learning how to create this biz and truly (and successfully) make this all a reality through Marie Forleo’s B-School. 

Letting go of the old to bring in the new. It’s all mega crazy exciting stuff!

But it’s also crazy scary sometimes too.

I’ve gone from being a ‘Monday to Friday, Nine to Five Girl’, with a comfortable and consistent salary, to irregular casual work, blog posts to write, lectures to listen to and study to complete, with no schedule in sight or routine to roll with.

This week I started to feel doubtful and uneasy about how I was going to fit it all in and not get left behind. Two fear concepts that catch me out a lot.

But I’m getting the hang of it and going with the flow.



Ah-mazing Perth sunset

Because you know what, following your dreams and pursuing your passion isn’t just about your job, your career, what courses you complete, connections you’ve made or how many boxes you tick off. It’s how you live your life.

How present, grateful and mindful are you every single day of your life? Why do you do the things that you do? 

I’ve nutted out the feelings I most desire in life. These are OPEN, ORGANIC, SOVEREIGN, FREE, RADIANT and LOVE. I have these plastered around my room and on my phone, to remind me that this is how I want to FEEL. Sure, I have goals and aspirations, things I want to DO. But ultimately, I seek to accomplish these things in order to achieve a particular feeling.

For example, being a writer and coach is something that will allow me to feel all of these beautiful feelings. So does yoga, healthy food and travelling. See where I’m going here?

But it doesn’t feel good when all week at work I am stressing about my To-Do list and how much study/blogging/emailing I have to get done on my one day off on the weekend (welcome back to Sunday shifts baby!) so that I can fit it all in and keep up to feel good.

Because guess what, it doesn’t feel good when I wake up on my one day off and don’t really feel like sitting down at the computer all day. Ahhhh hello, It’s a gorgeous day outside. I want to enjoy it!

So what’s a girl to do? Well, I literally threw my To-Do list out, grabbed my book and went to the beach.

I felt FREE. I felt SOVEREIGN. I felt OPEN and I felt LOVE.

Grateful, present and alive. That is living.

Amazing Perth sunsets...

And another

Of course I will get all my study done this week. I literally cannot wait to dive into it. But I needed to just BE. To stop and rest. To come back around and connect with how I ultimately want to feel.

And as happens, I came home from the beach and this post spilled out. I am feeling more energised than ever to get stuck into my studies.

I’m not saying we should all quit our day jobs and spend all our time at the beach (although that does sound splendid). I’m just saying that if you wake up and really don’t feel like attacking your To-Do’s, you probably need to spend some time reconnecting with how you want to FEEL when you tick these boxes off.

Then go and do something that instantly makes you feel this way. Reignite those feelings and your sense of purpose.

Go with the flow. Define why it is you do what you do, how you want to feel. And every day, make sure you do something that makes you feel that way. Or do nothing, if that works for you.

Hang at beach with your sis - My beautiful sister Lauren who shaved her head last week to raise money for cancer research. Love.

Go hang at beach with your sis – My beautiful sister Lauren who shaved her head last week to raise money for cancer research. Love.