Just a quickie today. Ha.

‘Oh wow Claire, you’ve ahhhh, completely turned off your sexuality’

 ‘Ugh, tell me about it. It’s like it’s just completely… Gone’

 ‘Hmmmm… I’ll try opening it up for you, but it’s reaaaallly closed up.’

 Sound strange? That was a conversation I recently had with my reiki practitioner, who discovered during a recent healing session that I have in fact shut my sexuality down.

 And she’d hit the nail right on the head. 

 Hasta la vista, baby. My sexiness has left the building.

Sexy Legs

Let me explain.

I’ve really been feeling lately that my sexual energy is lacking. I’ve failed to put much time and effort into my appearance, I’ve barely even noticed the mountain of hot surfer dudes at yoga and I haven’t ahhhhh, you know in awhile. I haven’t felt sexy, powerful, feminine, strong.

Probably for a few obvious reasons. Crisis, emergency and survival mode equals big change in priorities and focus. So I haven’t exactly been thinking about doing my hair, dressing up, wearing makeup or spending an evening slathering my bod in salt scrubs and coconut oil. Things that make me feel all Goddess-y and divine. 


But I think that’s a bit of a cop out. I think it goes back further than that too.

What I mean is, I think I’ve been failing to feed my femininity for awhile now.

Let me give you an example. I’m a lingerie fanatic. Lacy, delicate and racy knickers, corsets, bras – the works. I designed and made my own range a few years ago (might show you some pics sometime) and I used to regularly indulge in a new set often. Makes me feel good. Pure pleasure, yeah?

 So as you could imagine, my 25th birthday in Paris was a total lingerie love fest. Indulged BIG time. But that was 18 months ago and I haven’t bought a single pair since.

 What the hell is up with that?

 Aha! Light bulb moment. I know what’s up with that.

 I’ve been proper single for most of that time.

 And since I’ve been out of a relationship, I’ve refrained from adorning my bod in anything other than cheap Target seamless undies and t-shirt bras. Comfy yes, but not exactly charismatic.

So my point is, I’ve lost my mojo. My Goddess energy is in MAJOR need of a recharge and so I am initiating ‘Project Bring My Sexy Back’. Stay tuned.

 First stop, La Senza.


Tell me, can you relate to this? Have any suggestions for me on how I can get my mojo back? Please share and leave a comment below!