My session with Claire was exactly what I imagined it would be and more. She is a master at active listening, asking powerful questions, and empowering you to make changes that align with who and where you want to be.

Thanks to our session together, I have put in place steps that not only make me feel more in tune with my body, but also amplify my desire for more creativity, play, learning, and self exploration. I would recommend Claire to anyone who is looking to make positive change in their business or life.

Naomi Arnold | Business, Creative & Life Passion Coach 



janineClaire has literally changed my life.  That is how massive working with her has been.  I would love think I would have taken ‘action’ on my own eventually but with her loving yet firm support enabled me to get out of my own way and just start taking action. 

Claire was my personal cheering squad believing in me when I wasn’t yet believing in myself.  She has been with me from the conception of my idea through to me being ‘boss lady’ and actually selling my idea to clients!  Claire was one stop shopping. I got life and health coaching plus blog and business mentoring which for me was the perfect blend because it really was the life and health coaching that got me out of my own way so I could implement the actions required to start my blog and business. As icing on the cake Claire is kind, inspiring, real, hilarious, funky, feminine, honest and original. The best! One of a kind!

I firmly believe everyone needs a coach.  Someone in your corner that is all in JUST FOR YOU. I am blessed that I have Claire and if you feel the pull towards her take the dive, you won’t regret it.

Janine Farrow | Personal Trainer & Wellness Coach



becWhat I love about working with you Claire, is your raw honest approach, no bullshit and massive injection of positivity.  I feel like this is a sacred space where I can talk about anything and everything.  Nothing is off limits.  

It’s like you have this amazing ability to help me see what I don’t see.  I love the kick ass actions and steps we create each time we chat.  Then at the end of the call I always feel so freaking inspired and wildly lit up with creativity.  Like I can do anything!  Seriously. 

Bec Djordjevic | Hello Dream Team | Bendigo, Australia

maryanne_coulterI think the biggest change I’ve noticed since working with Claire is my sense of worthiness. This is something that I have been struggling with all my life (and Claire totally called me on it), so we worked together to nurture this. I think this was the catalyst in changing the way I interact in the world; I’m becoming more assertive as my self worth increases and the flow on effects have been amazing. I would come out of a session feeling totally inspired and ready to conquer the world!!! Seriously, Claire had this way of making me feel that I could achieve anything and simplified the process so that I never felt overwhelmed – which is important when effecting change.

I have also really embraced stepping outside of my comfort zone, saying YES to things that scare me and feeling really empowered by it.

Maryanne Coulter | Student of Traditional Chinese Medicine |The East Element | Melbourne, Australia

Claiemma_newbyre just gets it! She holds the most beautiful space to allow unfurling, ah-ha moments and giggles, even when the topic is icky! There is no judgement, no pushing, just compassion, gentle encouragement and some of the best results I have experienced in my life.

I come away from our time together inspired and ready to take on the world. BC (Before Claire) I was forever seeking the next quick fix, the next big thing… In truth, I was a scatter brain! Too many ideas and no focus. This beauty brought me back to my centre and showed me how to trust myself, my intuition and my body to create a life I am truly proud of. Everything seems easier. I am able to tackle anything with more ease and grace. My life just works, even in the tough times, which is such a beautiful thing.

My health and my business are both the very happy recipients of Claire’s time. The spark has been ignited and I can’t thank this babe enough. Above all else, she walks her talk! Do yourself a favour and get Claire on your team!

Emma Newby | Photographer, Coach & Blogger | Some Wild Darling | Brisbane, Australia

sarah_tamburriniI came to Claire wanting a mentor – but not just any mentor – one who spoke modern day language (not this woo hoo stuff taken straight from a text book) and who lived their message. Oh, did I get that.

Claire’s authenticity, glow and openness ripped me right open and helped shift my ‘state of grey’ to this damn amazing abundance of energy, light and space.

I love Claire’s razor sharp clarity – she just gets to the nuts and bolt so quickly around what is stirring up a little (or a lot) of congestion. She helps people get clear about what it is that is holding them back and most importantly, how they can shift their perspective and move forward. It’s straight talking, no BS but so full of love.

In my time working with Claire, I got unstuck, I got clear and I got out of my head and into my heart. So much so, I’m kicking along in a life I love, not a life I think I should love, or want to love. Thank you lady!

Sarah Tamburrini | Occupational Therapist & Coach | Practise Glow | Singapore



mandie mitchellWow, where do I begin? Claire had a way of holding space and calming my nerves. She was always two steps ahead of me providing me with the right resources and advice I was craving. I was always reminded what was important and where my focus should be.

I would leave our sessions feeling empowered and confident. Claire nursed me through an international move to Bali and supported me chasing my dreams. Not to mention we always had a good laugh and a lot of fun!

Mandie Mitchell | Health & Wellness Coach | Freestyle Paleo 



aliWorking with Claire was one of the best decisions I made, not only for my business, but for me personally as well. I left each session feeling inspired, motivated and ready to put into action all we had spoken about.

Before working with Claire my website and business where all just ideas in my head, but with her support and guidance I have now launched my website and started my business. I am so grateful that Claire came into my life when she did.

Ali Clyne | Health & Life Coach 



katieHaving Claire as a Coach has been wonderful in so many ways. I’m a firm believer that any coach can truly benefit from working with a coach – yet, it’s very important to find the right person, to truly connect with, as that’s when the magic happens. Claire has been that person for me and I feel blessed to have that connection and mentoring support with her.

Some words I would use to describe working with Claire would be – warm, generous, kind, empathetic, supportive, open, honest, positive, creative, intelligent and embracing.

Claire has really encouraged my creativity to flow and also really helped me to truly believe in myself, what I have to give others, what I am truly passionate about, being authentic and true to myself in doing so, and allowed me to move forward in my life and in my business. I have gained a lot of trust within myself from our coaching also. Claire’s a true gem and I am blessed to know her and thank her for being a shining light of support, encouragement and love. x

Katie Tymms | Holistic Wellness & Life Coach | Melbourne, Australia


alanaMy time with Claire was characterised by a feeling of real love and support. Each session covered myriad topics such as food and health, business, relationships – everything that makes up life – and she truly listened and offered guidance every step of the way.

My favourite part was how she always reminded me to experiment! Relax, woman. Not every decision needs to be binding and life-changing (a revelation for a control freak like me). If you want to be guided to a more full, feminine and creative life, I’d totally recommend Claire.

Alana Wimmer | Designer | Brisbane, Australia

diana_braybrookeWorking with Claire feels… Soothing. And when you are a little anxious about things in life, this perfectly compliments the client. I’m feeling less burnt out and more revitalised. I also feel a lot more confident about creating a blogging schedule and about speaking at workshops and with new clients. Claire showed me how to coach with passion, care and inspiration.

I loved how Claire held our safe space and it was so nurturing and encouraging. Even when I didn’t know what to talk about initially, she always found a way to bring out what was right in that particular moment.

She approaches you as an individual and demonstrates care and intuition in each session. She is a truly giving person with a massive heart for the people she coaches. Thank you Claire for going above and beyond just coaching.  She is heart centred in all that she does.

Diana Braybrooke | Teacher & Life Coach | The Butterfly House | Brisbane, Australia

graceI was always a bit scared that if I worked with a coach I’d suddenly morph into this “clean eating” fanatic – an overly spiritual, green smoothie drinking, namaste-ing perfectionist. But then I discovered the amazing Claire Baker, whose honest, no-bullsh*t approach to coaching is powerful, inspiring and ultimately, life-changing.

Working with Claire is the best gift you can give yourself. You are making yourself a priority in your own life. Crazy important.

Claire helped me learn to let go of fear, to listen to my body and to embrace love – love for myself and for this incredibly weird, wild, amazing world we live in. I feel empowered, like I have this super cool set of tools which help me cut through my fears, help me find the confidence to stand up to and for myself and help me discover the willingness to keep on loving, even when the doubts pile up. I’m happy to say that, thanks to investing in myself and working with Claire, I’ve re-discovered myself as a fierce, loving and grateful woman with unlimited potential and a hell of a lot of love to give.

Grace McBride | Festival & Brand Manager | Sydney, Australia


amelia.jpgCoaching with Claire was a huge step for me in getting my blog up and running. Before starting I was totally overwhelmed and intimidated by the blogging world and Claire helped me completely let go of those fears. I came away from our first session super inspired and with pages of notes full of all the useful tips and ideas she gave me.

Claire is a total fountain of knowledge for all things blogging! Her guidance and support, and the action steps she talked me through made getting started so much easier! I now have a blog I love and I am continuing to implement advice from Claire all the time.

Amelia Harvey | Holistic Health Coach | Amelia Harvey Health | Perth, Australia


SarahGetting sucked in to the daily grind and the vortex that is setting up your own business, I was feeling pretty overstretched and as though fun had taken a back row seat in my life. Claire lovingly reminded me that despite being mega-busy, it was time to take my foot off the pedal and bring back the fun. And we brought it back – centre stage!

The past three months has seen a complete shift in my energy. I’m focused, calm, energised and feeling super empowered and ready to take on the world. I’m prioritising having fun and taking the time to fully appreciate my life – happy, purposeful and full.

Claire is a gentle, loving soul, wise beyond her years. Her passion for helping and inspiring others to live their healthiest possible life is palpable! She oozes kindness and openness which make you feel right at home. Claire’s upbeat energy is infectious, you can’t help but be swept up in her genuine zest for life!

Sarah Greasley | Occupational Therapist | Brisbane, Australia



Words can’t really describe how grateful I am to have had the opportunity to work with Claire. Her heart is so big and warm and each time I have a session with her I am on what I can only describe as  a natural high for days after – her energy is so electric!

My time with this beautiful girl is something I will cherish forever and I am so happy that our paths have crossed. My life and health are so much better thanks to Claire’s support and guidance and I know that she is going to be empowering women all over the world to do live the life they know they deep down deserve.

Ashlee Cummins | Holistic Health & Fitness Coach | Ashlee Marian | Mt Gambier, Australia


tessa_healIn a nutshell, I had an idea and Claire helped bring it to life. I had been toying with the idea of starting a blog for ages but felt completely overwhelmed by the task. Enter Claire.

Not only is she smart, savvy and a delight to work with, she knows her stuff inside out and back to front. Claire gave me direction, loads of useful information and expert tips for launching and maintaining a blog I can be proud of. I would recommend Claire in a heartbeat. I know in years to come, I am going to look back on reaching out to her as the turning point for a lot of amazing things in my life!

Tessa Heal | Health Coach | The Passion Mill | Perth, Australia

jacintaClaire is one of the coolest chicks I know. Stylish, beautiful, bubbly, friendly, knowledgeable, compassionate, passionate, honest, open, a great listener, generous and loving. Sitting down to chat blog stuff with her was easy.  She creates a comfortable and open environment and manages to meld her blog coaching with a hint of life coaching to make you walk away feeling like anything is possible.

My time coaching with Claire brought me so much clarity.  She offered me advice and knew just the right questions to ask to get me to really feel into my answers.  I can highly recommend coaching with Claire.

Jacinta Rebola | Florist & Creative | Creating Space | Perth, Australia



The past few months working with Claire have been life changing. Claire inspires me to look at my life in a completely different way which has lead me to make some really positive changes in my life.

Claire radiates happiness and her passion to go above and beyond for myself and her other clients is truly humbling.

Maddi Sargent | Student | @madeleinecate | Melbourne, Australia

erinWhen I first met Claire, I was at a crossroad in my life.  I needed a change & someone to push me in the right direction. Claire guided me through all of this and more. Her support throughout the past few months has been invaluable – I feel more centred, calm & clear on exactly who I am and where I want to go on my journey.

Claire’s uplifting energy & soulful pieces of advice have been a constant source of inspiration for me… Usually to the point where I am bouncing off the walls in excitement mode, ready to create, write and just generally live my life with gratitude & joy!

There are so many beautiful lessons that I have taken from my time working with Claire and will continue to use for the rest of my life. To anyone considering a change, whether it be to do with nourishing your mind, body OR soul… Claire is your girl!

Erin Green | @erinashleighh | Perth, Australia

karlaWhen I meet Claire, I was at a road block in my life. My life wasn’t as peachy as I constantly dreamt it should be. I had already overcome  a major life transformation, so what more could be wrong? However, I was unhappy. I felt internally different to what I was broadcasting to the world. Claire unleashed me and assisted me to see clearer, appreciate myself, see my great attributes and what I can offer other, clarity of mind and she gave me back that confidence I had lost along the way. Claire ignited feelings within myself that I too was meant for more and she engaged thoughts that I didn’t dare could become my reality.

Since my time with Claire I have started studying with The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I have gained over 100 readers to my own personal blog and my Facebook readers and followers are growing day by  day. I now know I am meant for bigger things, meant to live my happiness on the outside and never to internalise my happiness again. Life truly is magical and Claire was the one to start me off on this magical journey.

Karla Pandelus | Health Coach & Blogger | | Wollongong, Australia 

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