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Is 2020 the year you devote yourself to understanding & embracing your menstrual cycle? 

Hey, I'm Claire Baker. I'm a sought-after period coach, speaker and soon-to-be natural fertility teacher.

For nearly a decade I've  taught thousands of women how to live in harmony with their menstrual cycle, rather than working against it. 

If you're feeling the call to learn more about the power of your period, the various hormonal phases of your menstrual cycle and how you can work with your flow (rather than working against it), then I'm your gal.  

I'd love to invite you to join me in 2020 for one of my online courses! For the first time ever, I'm excited to be offering a bundle deal on all 3 of my popular cycle-loving courses.

Enrol today and you'll be automatically signed-up for all 3 of my courses in 2020!

This gives you over 5 months of cycle support, plus I'm thrilled to help you save over 30% on enrolment with this bundle deal, which is basically like getting one course for FREE! 

The KNOW YOUR FLOW bundle deal is only available at this price until Sunday 19th January 2020. You'll be able to enrol in each course individually after that date, but not at this price :) 

2020 course dates & bundle details: 


  • RADIATE: Cyclical Self-Care for Awakening Women

This 8-week program is my cycle wellbeing course. We'll explore the physiology of the menstrual cycle, the self-care pillars you need to give your cycle a tune-up, rituals & practices for each phase of your cycle to integrate into your daily routine right away & lifestyle tips from nutrition to movement to meditation and more.

Learn more about Radiate HERE.

Radiate begins on Monday 20th January 2020 & runs for 8 weeks.

  • OPTIMISE: Unlock the Creative Power of Your Menstrual Cycle 

What do periods have to do with productivity? Can the natural rhythm of your body affect your creative energy? In this fun and practical 4-week course, you'll come to know your creative flow, and work with it to optimise your personal, professional, and fabulously creative life.


Learn more about Optimise HERE..


Optimise begins on Monday 23rd March 2020 & runs for 4 weeks.


  • FLOW: Your Guide to Journaling Your Menstrual Cycle

FLOW plugs you into the empowering & self-loving benefits of menstrual cycle awareness. Over 6-weeks you'll use a framework of daily journaling prompts that take the guess work out of charting your cycle. These prompts will help you cultivate more confidence, clarity & self-authority, plus you'll learn how to use your cycle to manifest the intentions you have for your life. 

Learn more about FLOW HERE.

FLOW begins on Monday 18th May 2020 & runs for 6 weeks.

Know Your Flow 2020 Bundle 

You'll receive: Enrolment in Radiate, Optimise & FLOW. Each course runs 'live' in 2020.

Bundle price: £269 (approx. US$345 / A$510)

***Full price of courses = £394 (approx. US$500 / A$750)

***This special bundle offer ends on Sunday 19th January 2020.


How much time will I need to invest in the courses each week?

Each course varies but you'll need approximately 1.5 - 3 hours a week to take the lessons, do your charting and exercises, listen to the meditations, and join (or listen to the recording) of the group calls. 

My cycle isn't 28 days long. It's longer / shorter / erratic! Does that matter? 

Many women find their cycle doesn't consistently follow a 28-day pattern. Mine certainly doesn't! And that's fine. You will still move through the four phases that we're working with, regardless of how long or short your cycle is. 

How is the course delivered?

Each course varies but everything is delivered digitally over email, video, audio & PDF. You'll need an email address and a computer or smartphone to access the content. ?????

Will you run this bundle offer again?

I have no plans to at this stage :)

Does your courses apply to women who don't have a natural menstrual cycle? eg. on the pill, pregnant, breastfeeding, post-menopausal, trans women, someone who has had a hysterectomy, or is experiencing amenorrhea?

This course contains guidance, knowledge and specific practices that will benefit anyone who identifies as a woman. I value inclusivity, and am learning more everyday about how I can be more conscious and inclusive of others in this work. The content of the teachings is grounded in menstruality, and in the experience of a 'natural' menstrual cycle, ie. ovulating and menstruating. An experience of a menstrual cycle (present or past) will help with integration of the work. If you are no longer cycling, or will not experience a natural cycle again, the content can still apply. You can also use the lunar cycle as a substitute if that helps!

My currency isn't pounds. Can I still take the course? 

For sure! When you make payment using PayPal, the currency will automatically be converted to your own.

I have a personal question, can I email you privately?

Please! You're welcome to contact me on claire (at) 

Where can I sign up to your newsletter?

You can sign up here and receive a bunch of free resources! 

Feedback & Testimonials

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for this beautifully, powerful course. I'm finding so many incredible insights pop up already. I cannot wait for this practice to integrate more deeply so that it feels like a part of my everyday life. What you've created here is such a gift! It was such a wonderful experience being in your energy and experiencing this course that you've divinely created."  — RACHEL 

"I can't say enough about what a fabulous, delightful experience this course was. I feel like it really grounded me during a turbulent transitional time and I was able to continually find my way back to myself through the practice of cycle journaling. Thank you, Claire!!! — MALLORY 

"The content of FLOW is so well crafted, created and presented. It was such an enjoyable course to participate in, and I feel that I have learnt much more about living my life with more ease and flow, and to feel aligned with my cycle."  — KATIE 


“Optimise taught me that a lot of the things I’ve been beating myself up about are actually natural and very normal. I now know that sometimes I just need some time off or self-care in order to feel creative. No more punishing myself for being unproductive! My cycle supports my projects now. I especially loved the creative exercises! I have repeated them again and again.” — IZABELA

"Since taking FLOW I have become aware of how each season of my cycle has so much of an impact on other areas of my life - work, social, relationships, etc. - and have a greater understanding of why my demeanor changes each week. Thank you, Claire, for sharing so openly about your own journey and experiences. I do hope to continue to journal as a regular practice and wish that more women recognized the importance of this work and getting in sync with their cycles!" — ANNE

“Optimise helped me to understand myself and my cycle better. It’s given me the tools to step into my full creative power with self respect. What more can I ask for? I can only say thank you, thank you, thank you!”— ESHA 

"Claire has gone out into the world to learn through experience, what works and why. Because of this, she’s been able to remove the guess factor for those on their own wellness journey. You and your work are a blessing to the wellness industry, Claire." — DR. NATALIE KRINGOUDIS

"Claire's work has taught me how to embrace my cycle and support myself through each season, rather than being at war with my femininity and my body." — CONNIE  

"I love knowing exactly where I'm at in my cycle, it's really connected me back to my body and helped in feeling into it and showering it with love and gratitude. I've learned to be gentle, to honour my body, and to freaking love my period!"  — ABBEY  

"You have truly opened my eyes to a whole new world of my cycle and the different phases and how it is OK to not be OK sometimes and to understand the different moods and emotions that we have—and how it is ALL LINKED. Truly mind blowing, yet.... simple. Something I feel EVERYONE needs to know." — MEAGAN  

"This program changed my life! I mean it!!!! My life and self-perception! I respect myself and my beautiful woman landscape, which wasn't the case before. THANK YOU!" — IZABELA

"My life has really shifted because of what I learned in this course, and I am so grateful. I see positives and benefits to each phases of my cycle—parts I used to dread before. I'm aware of which thought/physical patterns occur and how I can prepare for them and love on myself through tailored self care. I no longer criticize myself for feeling or thinking differently throughout the month. I feel like I was let in on a secret I should have known since day one, and I love embracing being a cyclical being." — COURTNEY

"My life has changed so much after starting with Adore Your Cycle and going deeper with Radiate. I feel like every cycle I get a new chance to improve my relationship with myself! I can now relate my feelings to my cycle, and I better understand the complex nature of my inner spring." — ADRIENNE

"I struggle with the 'crossover' between each phase of my cycle, so it was great to finally get some hot tips to get through those. I realised how important it is to just be with my inner seasons and not beat myself up. I'm a happier person when I live like this." — KALINDA

"Since taking your course, I have more self-care practices in my arsenal and further understanding of my own personal 'superpowers'. And a greater appreciation for living in a cyclical way, rather than trying to be the same all of the time. — KATE 

"I would highly recommend this course to any woman who wants to learn more about her cycle and welcome her flow. Since taking Radiate I've noticed patterns in my diet, exercise, and in my business -- there are real trends across my cycle and I know how to work with them now. I loved the course." — SUSAN

"I have spent the majority of the past 16 years trying to understand my cycle better. As a qualified nurse I understand the biology and was convinced I had a hormone imbalance. Further tests said not, leaving me to wonder how else best to manage my cycle. After researching and reading a plenty, it was not until I read your work that things truly made sense. I can’t thank you enough for the work you have done, it has opened up my world to a different way of living. It’s quite possibly saved my marriage and is spurring me on to leave a job I hate." — SARAH

“Of all of your courses, this is the one that has made it the most clear to me on how to actually ‘live’ my cycle. It’s been the missing piece of the puzzle. Optimise made all of your other work come together in my life as an actual practice, rather than simply theory. ”— KATHLEEN

“I loved FLOW so much. I enjoyed the structure of the prompts and how they let me slip into my own style. I was really able to integrate so much of it into my own life. I've been able to learn so much about myself and my cycle. Thank you so much Claire!” — NIKITA

"Such important work Claire. Thank you for sharing this. I wish I’d done the course 25 years ago when my periods started but so grateful to have the knowledge in my life now." — BECKY

'I want to thank you Claire, for this wonderful experience. This is exactly what I have been looking for, for quite some time now. The course helped develop both a deeper connection to my cycle and my own style of journaling on a daily basis. The whole experience brought my right into my centre. I feel grounded and connected to my body and flow. These 6 weeks have helped me create a sustainable practice of journaling which has given me the opportunity to explore my patterns and learn from my insights. The use of tarot cards to get a feel for the upcoming cycle was a tool I do not want to miss, as this helps to feel into the upcoming energies and perhaps even challenges during a cycle. I am truly grateful that I joined; I will be coming back to it time and time again. Thank you Claire for your work it is just an important gift to the world!” — ALEXANDRA

"Checking in with myself regularly throughout my cycle helped me to embrace the phase that I was in, not be as hard on myself and make the most of whatever energy I felt in that moment. It also just felt really good to have a journaling practice modelled around where I was in my cycle. I also loved that the course addressed how you could modify the practice for longer cycles or if you're just not bleeding at the moment, due to life circumstances. All in all I loved it and cannot recommend it enough for any woman looking to get more in touch with her cycle." — SALLY

“I loved the course for being open to where we were individually within the cycle, but also making it comfortable to share and talk about our blood, bleeding and cycles.” — EMMA

"Claire holds an incredibly safe space for you to explore how you want your life to feel. I feel ridiculously lucky to have been mentored by her & couldn't recommend her more highly to others. I feel completely 'in the flow'!" — AMANDA 

"You've opened my eyes to a new way of living in conjunction with my menstrual cycle and not against it. I have a new sense of being in tune with myself—it really is amazing how my moods and emotions flow with the season I'm in. I can't believe I've never put the two and two together!" — KYLIE 

"This course is a GAME CHANGER. Firstly, I've learned I'm not crazy. I'm a complex woman with ebbs and flows and this course has solidified that knowledge. I've had so many 'aha moments' and it's amazing to now see patterns in my cycle. I love that I now know how to support myself in my autumn and winter, when I really do face bad cramps, headaches and nausea. Every girl should get this information before her first bleed so she understands the complexities of being a woman. I wish I had! Our lives could be so much more harmonious if armed with this valuable information. I'm educating my husband and teenage sons on all of this now too, so they can support the women in their lives. Thank you Claire!" — CARMEL

"The biggest shift for me after taking Radiate is being more at home in my pre-menstrual phase / inner autumn. I loved hearing from the women who felt at home in that phase." — ALISHA

"FLOW was an eye-opening journey for me personally, delving into my inner world. During FLOW I heard my inner wisdom clearer than I ever have, and I love having a deeper understanding of how I see myself and my cycle. It was just so enlightening. I don't think I would’ve learned much of this if I hadn't taken the time to journal and explore my heart space. Thank you Claire for creating this course and guiding us through journalling with the seasons of our cycle. I really enjoyed FLOW, and I am still loving exploring my relationship with my menstrual cycle and using all that I learnt from FLOW to positively impact my life each day."  — CHLOE

“I loved how this course approached creativity from a feminine perspective. It feels good for the soul and this way of creating works for me. I’m much more aware now of which activities are best for different phases of my cycle… it feels less like I’m hitting my head against a brick wall trying to do something that just doesn’t work in a particular phase!”— CAITLIN

"I feel that by taking Radiate, I have a deeper and connected understanding of my cycle, my energy, and to myself as a whole. I now know how to take care of myself throughout my entire cycle and can easily identify what my intelligent and intuitive body is needing. I highly recommend Radiate to all menstruating women! " — ELISA

Copyright 2019, Claire Baker | 

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