living a life on my terms

Today’s guest post comes to you from Helen Walker, a Health and Fitness Coach and writer. And successful entrepreneur ‘living life on my terms’, as you are about to discover…  Find out more about Helen here

I am a Gen-Y Entrepreneur. I am the Generation Yer who thinks they deserve more – heck, KNOWS they deserve more.

I am not selfish. My head is not in the clouds. I have both feet firmly planted on the ground, and I’m not delusional.

I’m educated. With a Bachelors Degree and 2-3 years experience in my professional field, I have all the boxes ticked.

I’ve deviated from that path though. And you know what? It’s totally okay.

You might even be thinking ‘hey, she sounds like me!’ as you read this.

I don’t see myself with a life of exchanging my time for a set amount of money. Who can really dictate that an hour of my time is worth $32.50 an hour?

Towards the end of my degree, a dark cloud came over me one day. I sat down in the middle of a bustling park that day, and just sat. I watched people – stressed, time-pressured office workers, tired mothers wrestling with the shopping, small children and the pet dog. No one was actually living a life that looked any fun. It all felt so wrong.

Maybe I am delusional. Every day life can’t be fun, looked forward to and played by ear. Not by responsible, productive members of society, right?

Well, today I’m doing just that. I wake up at a time that is natural and easy for me. Waking up is no more difficult than getting off the couch after sitting for a mere moment. I nourish my body with healthy, freshly cooked meals and I’m not pressured by time and grab a muffin and takeaway coffee as a result. I have a never ending to do list, sure, but I’m at peace with the fact that often, it’ll never get completed.

I work from home. From my backyard or my favourite café. I bring my laptop with me wherever I go, and I’m often seen typing away madly, absorbed in my own world. I have total peace in my mind with the fact that when it comes to having children, I’ll be fully able to dedicate as much time, attention and effort to nurturing them that I want. I’ll never face that guilt of being pulled in a never-ending tug-o-war with my work and commitments and my family. I will never have to depend on a man as a financial plan. I’m doing this on my own.

The Beginning

Let’s wind it back a bit. How did this even all start? Throughout my degree, I was quite sick. Not a typical, diagnosable sickness though. I couldn’t just go to my lecturer and say ‘I’m sick with _____. Here’s a medical certificate’.


My sickness was finding it near impossible to get out of bed. Even after 12 hours of sleep. Living in a state of constant hangover-like symptoms, meshed with feeling as though a night’s sleep had never even happened made it near impossible to go about life in my late teens and early twenties with any sort of vigor and zest.

I knew that I was meant to have more though. I really did. I felt as though I was living in this temporary state – as if I was temporarily dropped inside this body and life situation that I didn’t belong in. Noone was coming to pluck me out of it though – I recognized that I had to build a ladder to climb out all on my own.

The first step was getting my support system downpat. I churned through doctors and practitioners like no tomorrow. Until someone said something that resonated with me. That I had a choice. That the underlying cause of this autoimmune sh*t storm I was experiencing wasn’t going to be fixed by just putting band-aids of medication over the top of it. The underlying cause needed to be fixed.

 My diet was totally overhauled. Out went gluten, dairy, artificial ingredients, sugar and transfats. In went gut healing fermented foods, nourishing fats, organic produce, grassfed proteins, herbs, supplements and vitamins. The single best thing I’ve ever introduced to my diet is Coconut Oil. That stuff is transformative. I even wrote an eBook on it [] – I’m that obsessed.

I committed to fortnightly appointments with Nat Kringoudis (that woman is freaking incredible) in order to get my body functioning the way it should again. For over a year without fail, I persevered, as I could feel my body responding in ways it never had before, to the acupuncture and chinese medicine. This was the holistic approach that delivered results that I was seeking.

Next, I had to change what I was doing day to day. I was bored and frustrated to tears at my various jobs as well as my studies. I knew this was the wrong place to me. I needed a 2 hour nap to physically and mentally recover after each and every day at work. I couldn’t imagine living a life like this.

So, I jumped off that cliff.

My body started healing. No longer was I experiencing bouts of panic, wringing my hands together, knowing I was stuck in the wrong place.


Fast forward back to me today. Is this the picture of the entrepreneurial Gen Y dream? I like to think so.

I know to never settle for average. To never settle in being somewhere that doesn’t feel ‘right’ for me. There is always a way to get out of that place you feel so trapped in, whether it’s your own body, or a situation in life.

I am a Generation Y Entrepreneur, who knows she wants to life a life that’s aligned to her own values and wants to live in flow every single day. I will jump off cliffs, step off ledges and walk blind in the right direction until I get there.

And I have to tell you, life could not be better.

So grateful to Helen for sharing her A W E S O M E story with us today. Tell me, did you find yourself nodding along to this post – is this you? Or is this the life you’re dreaming of? I’d LOVE to know!

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