Well, for the shortest month of the year it certainly was not the quietest!

My guiding word for February was CREATE and boy oh boy, did it guide me to whip up some awesome stuff.

Between launching my first eBook, co-hosting a live #soulsistersessions call with Em, creating a bunch of recipes for Simply Repenished’s upcoming Autumn cleanse, plus really getting serious on creating this coaching practice of mine – I am fully booked now into April which is amazing – combined with completing my last exam in my coaching certification and jet-setting off to Bali for a week (for what I thought was going to be a writing holiday and ended up just being a holiday holiday), February was madness.

Magical, magical madness.

“There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness.”

Friedrich Nietzsche
When madness hits, when anxious, jittery madness makes its home in your mind, follow the love and find the reason.
Why are you feeling like this? What message is your body trying to tell you?
Go on, press play on the video below (I’ll share some of my reasoning with you), download your Monthly Magic Making worksheet for March (and have a a squiz at my reflections below if you like) and I hope you get as much illumination out of it as I did – I really needed to sit down and reflect on the past month to ensure March is just as exciting and empowering as February as well as grounding, calming and rejuvenating.



MMM_March_Claire Baker.jpg


Download your worksheet here and join the conversation below. Where could you breathe some space and freedom into your life this month?