Cleanse and detox. Two buzz words in the ‘lose weight quick’ world of ‘health’.

My personal opinion? I believe that detoxes and cleanses CAN be an amazing way to give your liver a bit of love, your digestive system a break and help to clear your mind.

However, I have been guilty in the past of indulging in ridiculous short term and intense cleanses (lemon detox diet anyone?) to lose weight quickly or feel less guilty after a big weekend. Not so cool.

This time I’m doing things differently! I’ve never done a cleanse quite like this one before; my motivations are completely different.

I’ve made this video to help explain why I’m embarking on this 7 day Body Mind & Soul Cleanse and how (I hope!) it’s going to help reduce stress and facilitate the big changes I’ve been making in my life lately.



So following on from the more of this and less of this approach, I’ve made this gorgeous PDF for you below with loads of suggestions of things you could try if this video resonated with you and you’d like to get your cleanse on too!

Just click the image or link below then File and Save to save this baby to your computer.

Body Mind & Soul Cleanse PDF


So lemme know in the comments your thoughts on my 7 Day Body Mind & Soul Cleanse and if you’re joining me or maybe just implementing a few of the suggestions. Keep an eye out in the coming weeks too for lots more cleansing recipes, tips and ideas. Got a question? Ask away!

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