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After months of writing, creating and launching the She Is Radiant Collection (and having your lovely, epic, mind-blowing support along the way), I’m not surprised that there’s an incredible energy of generosity and a desire to GIVE, GIVE, GIVE pulsing through my cells right now. 

It’s completely natural (and both awe-inspiring and resistance-inducing), for us to watch/experience the pendulum swing back and forth from giving to receiving to giving to receiving… Being observant of this ebb and flow is incredibly powerful. 

It means that we can receive gratefully and openly (without guilt) and relish in the feeling of abundance; of being held, supported and carried. And just as willingly, we can give generously without fear of lack or expectation. Ahhhh, tricky, tiresome expectation.

It’s a soulful see-saw (for lack of a better analogy)  that I’ve become far more mindful of in the past year-ish-or-so.

In particular, I’ve seen my relationships, finances and creativity the most influenced; when I surrender to whatever energy is circling me (giving or receiving) at the time, the reward is bountiful.

This year, I’ve entered into the most amazing romantic relationship of my life, I’ve paid off my (enormous) debts, grown a rocking coaching practice (rocking refers to my clients themselves here – you know who you are!) that’s led to full-time self employment, I’ve authored a few well-loved eBooks, got my PCOS, hormones and cycle smoothed out and it all feels as if it’s been wrapped up (with a pretty pink bow) in Ease, Flow & Trust.

I’m not mentioning these things to brag – shit no, please believe me on this one – in fact, I mentioned to a girlfriend yesterday that I feel just as happy and content as I did 12 months ago, before this heap of Wonderful Stuff happened in my life.

No, I’m asking you lend an ear today, because when we lean into this ebb and flow of giving and receiving, of generosity and reaping, suddenly Life shifts and the pieces truly do begin to fall into place.

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So how can YOU start to play on this see-saw of giving and receiving?

Give freely, when you’re called to. Say no, when you know you need to. Accept compliments (!!!), gifts and heartfelt offers with grace and gratitude. Do not withhold your love – in any way, shape or form. Value your innate generosity. ASK FOR HELP.

Spend your time and money mindfully. Know that you are loved, cared for and trusted. Using your intuition, know when to conserve your energy and when to give it ALL away. Accept that where you are is exactly where you need to be. Trust the process.

So, in the spirit of giving I have a few things I’d like to let you know about today.

1. In the FREE LOVE section of my website (find it in the top menu or click here) you can now find some new goodies.

You’ve got the beautiful (and very handy) monthly calendar planner and ‘Monthly Magic Making Planner’ worksheet from my most recent eBook The Toolkit, all yours. Allow guidance, gratitude and intention to sit delightfully alongside the birthdays, blog posts and bills.

I personally use both these planners and am in LOVE with the design. I think you will be too. 🙂

I’ve also added the ‘She Is Radiant Manifesto’, a couple of videos and jazzed the format of the page up a little. You are more than welcome to share these free resources!

2. I’m kicking off part 1 of my blog series on MONEY next week. Yay!

3. I’m extremely grateful to be very nearly booked out for the remainder of 2014 for my coaching programs. However, I’m currently in the midst of creating a one-off, super valuable way to offer my coaching services to you, on a time sensitive and very affordable basis to guide you as you round out this year, set some rock-solid intentions and create an inspired action plan to make your own magic in 2015.

::: I’ll be announcing this exclusive offer in the next couple of weeks and I won’t be advertising this offer anywhere besides my email newsletter tribe. Make sure you’re on it. :::

Finally, I would love to open up a conversation in the comments around this notion of giving and receiving; are you knee-deep in either of these energies right now? What does that look like for you? How do you lean into it – or do you find yourself resisting the ebb and flow? I would LOVE to chat about it.

Share this one around babes – it’d be rad to see these free monthly planners on desks, in diaries and stuck to walls the world over.

(Here’s that link again to get yours)

Big love!

Claire x

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