A woman is ever-changing. The way she takes care of herself, nourishes her body & honours her energy, needs to reflect that.

At any point in time, a cyclic woman is in one of the eight phases of the menstrual cycle; either an ‘inner season’ or a ‘crossover phase’. It’s no surprise then that we’re awakening to the truth that the way we take care of ourselves, manage stress levels, and organise our lives, all needs to flow with this inner rhythm.

When I came off the contraceptive pill in 2012, I realised very quickly that the way I approached my health and wellness needed to change. My physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and sexual energy changed week-to-week (day-to-day!), and as I navigated the hormonal imbalances I was experiencing, including post-pill amenorrhea and PCOS, it soon became apparent my self-care practice would need to complement this ebb and flow.

As a practicing women’s health & life coach for nearly six years now, I’ve made the observation again and again (and again!) that for women who have a natural menstrual cycle, wellness needs to be approached from a more fluid, cyclic perspective (we don’t move in straight lines — have you noticed?). When a woman’s self-care practice is aligned with the shifting tides of her menstrual cycle, she can truly radiate. 

Linear modes of self-care simply don't work in the longterm. Burnout is not sexy. Boundaries are. And so are the joys of cycle awareness, happy hormones, ovulation dances, feminine discernment... & flower baths!

As we move through the four phases of the menstrual cycle, what helps us to feel nourished and energised one week, simply won’t work at all the next. The way we approach our calendar, relationships, creative projects, diet, movement, meditation… it all changes. And that’s all good — it’s where we tap our radiance! — but only when we work with our inner rhythm, rather than working against it.

I’ve created Radiate to show you how to sync your self-care practice with your cycle, so that you can work with your inner rhythm — not against it! Life as a cyclic woman isn’t easy when the world isn’t (yet) set up for us… but you can cultivate balance, ease, sustained energy, and embodied harmony from within. I'll show you how.

This course takes a step-by-step approach, where each week of lessons builds upon the next. Once we have laid the foundations that help to restore the natural rhythm of your cycle, we’ll cover the tools you need to get to know each phase intimately. The course is structured so that you have time to actually make the changes in your self-care practice that give you what you need to truly thrive, and receive direct feedback from me, and the group, on what is and isn’t working.

"This work is life-changing, catalytic and healing. I had been looking for a coach who respected and worked with energies of the menstrual cycle and Claire was the perfect choice."

Over 8 weeks, we'll cover:

  • Practices that support your nervous system, cleanse your cells & cultivate happy hormones.
  • Charting your cycle to fully understand each of your four inner seasons & ‘crossover phases’.
  • The ‘yin’ and ‘yang’ of your cycle.
  • Lifestyle guidance around nutrition, movement & meditation for each phase of the cycle.
  • Life management must-haves to sync your calendar with your cycle.
  • Negotiations with your inner critic & inner cheerleader.
  • Optimising menstruation & why it’s so important.
  • Figuring out where your ‘happy place’ & ‘tender points’ in the cycle are.
  • How to nourish your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual & sexual bodies in each season of your cycle.?
  • Sacred rituals that connect you to the divinity & radiance of your womanhood.  
  • How to actually make these changes in your life! 

Here's what's included in the course:

  • Weekly lessons delivered over video, audio & transcripts.
  • Meditations & visualisations for each cycle phase.
  • Charting templates & 'Menstrual Maps'.
  • An eBook with all of the course lessons & resources for future reference.
  • 4 x live Zoom group coaching calls (these are recorded) to receive direct feedback from me & group guidance over the duration of the course.
  • Group hangs in the private Facebook group for chats & support from likeminded women.
  • Optional weekly listening partnership with another woman to deepen your course experience.

How does cyclic self-care positively impact your life?

  • A greater sense of ease, wholeness, and balance in your everyday.
  • Less overwhelm — you’re able to better manage your energy throughout your entire cycle. 
  • You know how to use your cycle to make the shift from self-criticism to self-love.
  • Improved relationships with loved ones when you know what you need and can communicate it.
  • Thriving creative energy, ideas, and inspiration. 
  • A deeper connection to your spiritual centre.
  • Growing trust in your intuition and self. You become the authority in your own life.
  • Increased confidence and self-esteem.
  • And of course there’s the radiant skin, a strong body, improved sleep, libido, and more!

"Loving yourself isn't vanity. It is sanity."

Who is this course for? Any woman who...

  • Recognises the importance of creating a self-care practice that supports their inner rhythm. 
  • Has read Adore Your Cycle and feels ready for more.
  • Has a hunger to know & learn more about the inner seasons of the cycle & is excited about working with the superpowers of each phase.
  • Wants to feel like the Queen of her own domain; the authority in her own life.
  • Craves more sacred ritual, sisterhood & mindfulness.
  • Is passionate about elevating cycle awareness & period positivity in the world.
  • ?Knows that they're ready to experiment with syncing their cycle with their life & feels ready to make these positive changes.
  • Wants to celebrate the menstrual cycle and its capacity to elevate health & wellbeing, creativity, spiritual connection, relationships, & self confidence.
  • ?Simply feel an inner YES to this course!

Enrolments for Radiate 2018:

   Class start date: Enrolments currently closed. 

   Course duration: 8 weeks  

   Enrolment fee: £129 (approx. US$180 / A$225) here's a currency converter 


Feedback & Testimonials

"Claire has gone out into the world to learn through experience, what works and why. Because of this, she’s been able to remove the guess factor for those on their own wellness journey. You and your Adore Your Cycle work are a blessing to the wellness industry, Claire."


"Claire's work has taught me how to embrace my cycle and support myself through each season, rather than being at war with my femininity and my body."


"I love knowing exactly where I'm at in my cycle, it's really connected me back to my body and helped in feeling into it and showering it with love and gratitude. I've learned to be gentle, to honour my body, and to freaking love my period!"


"Honestly, you think you have your shiz sorted at 30 and know a fair bit about yourself and your body, but my oh my how wrong I was. You have truly opened my eyes to a whole new world of my cycle and the different phases and how it is OK to not be OK sometimes and to understand the different moods and emotions that we have—and how it is ALL LINKED. Truly mind blowing, yet.... simple. Something I feel EVERYONE needs to know."


"Learning to understand the importance of self love and how heavily that can impact on our menstrual cycle and how we feel at different times of the month has been a revelation for me, especially how embracing these concepts can make my relationship with my partner even better."


"Claire holds an incredibly safe space for you to explore how you want your life to feel. I feel ridiculously lucky to have been mentored by her & couldn't recommend her more highly to others. I feel completely 'in the flow'!"


"You've opened my eyes to a new way of living in conjunction with my menstrual cycle and not against it. I have a new sense of being in tune with myself—it really is amazing how my moods and emotions flow with the season I'm in. I can't believe I've never put the two and two together!"



How much time will I need to invest in the content each week?

You'll need approx. 2.5 hours a week to take the lessons, do your charting, and join (or watch the recording) of the group call. 

My cycle isn't 28 days long. It's longer / shorter / erratic! Does that matter? 

Many women find their cycle doesn't consistently follow a 28-day pattern. Mine certainly doesn't! And that's fine. By getting to know each phase of your cycle more intimately, you'll soon realise that cyclic self-care is not only possible for you, but can bring much harmony to a less-consistent flow. 

How is the course delivered?

Everything is delivered digitally over email, video, audio & PDF. You'll need an email address and a computer or smartphone to access the content. Printing the 'Menstrual Maps' to chart your cycle is recommended.

Will you be running this course again?

Radiate will run again in late 2018.

Does this course apply to women who don't have a menstrual cycle? ie. pregnant, breastfeeding, post-menopausal, trans women, someone who has had a hysterectomy, or is experiencing amenorrhea?

This course contains guidance, knowledge and specific practices that will benefit anyone who identifies as a woman. I value inclusivity, and am learning more everyday about how I can be more conscious and inclusive of others in this work. The content of the teachings is grounded in menstruality, and in the experience of a 'natural' menstrual cycle, ie. ovulating and menstruating. An experience of a menstrual cycle (present or past) will help with integration of the work. If you are no longer cycling, or will not experience a natural cycle again, the content may not apply to you as an individual, but rather in your sharing of this work with others in your life.

My currency isn't pounds. Can I still take the course?

For sure! When you make payment using PayPal, the currency will automatically be converted to your own.

I have a personal question, can I email you privately?

Please! You're welcome to contact me on claire (at) thisislifeblood.com. 

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