I’ve created Radiate to show you how to sync your self-care practice with your cycle, so that you can work with your inner rhythm — not against it! Life as a cyclic woman isn’t easy when the world isn’t (yet) set up for us… but you can cultivate balance, ease, sustained energy, and embodied harmony from within. I'll show you how. 

A woman is ever-changing. The way she takes care of herself, nourishes her body & honours her energy, needs to reflect that.

If you have a menstrual cycle, right now you'll be in one of the four phases of the cycle. In one week's time, you'll be in a different phase. And a week after that? Yep, different again. It’s no surprise then that we’re awakening to the truth that the way we take care of ourselves, manage stress levels, and organise our lives, all needs to flow with this rhythm.

When I came off the contraceptive pill in 2012, I realised very quickly that the way I approached my health and wellness needed to change. My physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and sexual energy changed week-to-week (day-to-day!), and as I navigated the hormonal imbalances I was experiencing, including post-pill amenorrhea and PCOS, it soon became apparent my self-care practice would need to complement this ebb and flow.

As a practicing women’s health & life coach for the past seven years, I’ve made the observation again and again (and again!) that for women who have a natural menstrual cycle, wellness needs to be approached from a more fluid, cyclic perspective (we don’t move in straight lines — have you noticed?). When a woman’s self-care practice is aligned with the shifting tides of her menstrual cycle, she can truly radiate. 

Linear modes of self-care simply don't work in the longterm. Burnout is not sexy. Boundaries are. And so are the joys of cycle awareness, happy hormones, ovulation dances, feminine discernment... & flower baths!

As we move through the phases of the menstrual cycle, what helps us to feel nourished and energised one week, simply won’t work at all the next. The way we approach our calendar, relationships, creative projects, diet, movement, meditation… it all changes. And that’s all good — it’s where we tap our radiance! — but only when we work with our inner rhythm, rather than working against it.

This course takes a step-by-step approach, where each week of lessons builds upon the next. Once we have laid the foundations that help to restore the natural rhythm of your cycle, we’ll cover the tools you need to get to know each phase intimately.

The course is structured so that you have time to actually make the changes in your self-care practice that give you what you need to truly thrive, and receive direct feedback from me, and the group, on what is and isn’t working.

"Firstly, Radiate has taught me that I'm not crazy. I'm a complex woman with ebbs and flows and this course has solidified that knowledge. Every girl should get this information before her first bleed so she understands the complexities of being a woman. Our lives could be so much more harmonious if armed with this valuable information. "

Over 8 weeks, we'll cover:

  • Foundational self-care pillars that support your nervous system, cleanse your body & cultivate happy hormones. Let's give your cycle a tune up!
  • Charting your cycle to fully understand each of your four inner seasons & ‘crossover phases’.
  • The ‘yin’ and ‘yang’ of your cycle (or: how to ride the UP and DOWN of your flow!)
  • My favourite cycle rituals to honour your wonderful, radiant self. 
  • Lifestyle guidance around nutrition, movement & meditation for each phase of the cycle.
  • Life management must-haves to sync your calendar with your cycle.
  • How to work with your inner critic & inner cheerleader (& where they live in your cycle)
  • Optimising menstruation & why it’s SO important.
  • Know your flow. Figuring out where your ‘happy place’ & ‘tender points’ in the cycle are.
  • Caring for the whole of yourself & how to nourish your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual & sexual bodies in each phase of your cycle.
  • How to create a plan to actually make these changes in your life! 

What you get: 

  • Weekly lessons delivered over video, audio & transcript.
  • Meditations & visualisations for each cycle phase to connect within.
  • My favourite nourishing embodied practices for each cycle phase to integrate into your daily routine.
  • Printable charting templates & 'Menstrual Maps'.
  • An eBook with all of the course lessons & resources for future reference.
  • 4 x live group coaching calls (these are optional & recorded) to receive direct guidance from me & group support over the duration of the course. We have a vibrant global classroom, which means calls times vary. 
    Group Call #1: Wednesday 29th January, 10am GMT
    Group Call #2: Wednesday 12th February, 3am GMT
    Group Call #3: Wednesday 26th February, 8am GMT
    Group Call #4: Wednesday 11th March, 1am GMT

  • Optional weekly listening partnership with another student to deepen your course experience. The feedback I receive from past students is that this supportive partnership is a GAME CHANGER.
  • Community support.  An online forum (not Facebook!) where we can jump in and chat after each lesson & share our best tips, takeaways and stories. I've been asked over and over again from past students to create this & very excited to offer it to you in 2020!


 A BONUS & EXCLUSIVE 4-PART VIDEO SERIES.  I've interviewed fellow leaders in menstruality on how your nutrition, movement & pre-menstrual emotional wellbeing are connected to your menstrual cycle, as well exploring self-care preparations for menopause. This powerful bonus series is practical, with real-life examples and clear guidance from powerful voices that add an exceptional and varied richness to this course. 

Menstrual Cycle Nutrition with Krystal Kirton-Somlai

Pre-Menstrual Wellbeing with Clara Bitcon-Bailey

Preparing for Menopause with Kate Codrington

Yoga, Ayurveda & the Menstrual Cycle with Amanda Noga

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How will cyclic self-care positively impact your life?

  • A greater sense of ease, wholeness, and balance in your everyday.
  • You feel prepared for the changes in your cycle and empowered by the ebb and flow of your body..., no longer at war with yourself.
  • You know yourself as a wise, beautiful and powerful woman.
  • Less overwhelm — you’re able to better manage your energy throughout your entire cycle. 
  • You know how to use your cycle to make the shift from self-criticism to self-love.
  • Improved relationships with loved ones when you know what you need and can communicate it.
  • Thriving creative energy, ideas, and inspiration. 
  • A deeper connection to your spiritual centre.
  • Growing trust in your intuition and self. You become the authority in your own life.
  • Increased confidence and self-esteem.
  • And of course there’s the radiant skin, a strong body, improved sleep, libido, and more!

"Loving yourself isn't vanity. It is sanity."

Enrolments for Radiate 2019:


 Course duration: 8 weeks  

Enrolment fee: £149 (approx. US$190 / A$280)

This course is for you if you're a woman who...

  • Recognises the importance of creating a self-care practice that supports their inner rhythm. 
  • Has a hunger to know & learn more about the inner seasons of the cycle & is excited about working with the superpowers of each phase.
  • Wants to feel like the Queen of her own domain; the authority in her own life.
  • Craves more sacred ritual, sisterhood & mindfulness.
  • Is passionate about elevating cycle awareness & period positivity in the world.
  • ?Knows that they're ready to experiment with syncing their cycle with their life & feels ready to make these positive changes.
  • Wants to celebrate the menstrual cycle and its capacity to elevate health & wellbeing, creativity, spiritual connection, relationships, & self confidence.
  • Has read Adore Your Cycle and feels ready for more.
  • ?Simply feels an inner YES to this course!

Feedback & Testimonials

"Radiate came at exactly the right time for me. The course was beautifully put together and easy to follow. I am now more aware of where I am in my cycle each month, and can better plan and organise my diary around each phase. And share this knowledge with others in my life!  I appreciated Claire's knowledge and wisdom, and her personal touches, which helped to make the course feel safe, supported, and very real. I am still using the material and I'm sure will continue to do so for a long time. Such a valuable course. Thank you Claire!"


"This program changed my life! I mean it!!!! My life and self-perception! I respect myself and my beautiful woman landscape, which wasn't the case before. THANK YOU!"


"My life has really shifted because of what I learned in this course, and I am so grateful. I see positives and benefits to each phases of my cycle—parts I used to dread before. I'm aware of which thought/physical patterns occur and how I can prepare for them and love on myself through tailored self care. I no longer criticize myself for feeling or thinking differently throughout the month. I feel like I was let in on a secret I should have known since day one, and I love embracing being a cyclical being."


"My life has changed so much after starting with Adore Your Cycle and going deeper with Radiate. I feel like every cycle I get a new chance to improve my relationship with myself! I can now relate my feelings to my cycle, and I better understand the complex nature of my inner spring."



"I struggle with the 'crossover' between each phase of my cycle, so it was great to finally get some hot tips to get through those. I realised how important it is to just be with my inner seasons and not beat myself up. I'm a happier person when I live like this." 


"Since taking Radiate, I have more self-care practices in my arsenal and further understanding of my own personal 'superpowers'. And a greater appreciation for living in a cyclical way, rather than trying to be the same all of the time. 


"I would highly recommend this course to any woman who wants to learn more about her cycle and welcome her flow. Since taking Radiate I've noticed patterns in my diet, exercise, and in my business -- there are real trends across my cycle and I know how to work with them now. I loved the course." 



"I feel that by taking Radiate, I have a deeper and connected understanding of my cycle, my energy, and to myself as a whole. I now know how to take care of myself throughout my entire cycle and can easily identify what my intelligent and intuitive body is needing. I highly recommend Radiate to all menstruating women! " 



"The biggest shift for me after taking Radiate is being more at home in my pre-menstrual phase / inner autumn. I loved hearing from the women who felt at home in that phase."



"Honestly, you think you have your shiz sorted at 30 and know a fair bit about yourself and your body, but my oh my how wrong I was. You have truly opened my eyes to a whole new world of my cycle and the different phases and how it is OK to not be OK sometimes and to understand the different moods and emotions that we have—and how it is ALL LINKED. Truly mind blowing, yet.... simple. Something I feel EVERYONE needs to know."


"Radiate taught me exactly how to align my self-care practices with the ebbs and flow of my energy. I knew that self-care was vital in my inner winter, but wasn't quite sure what it looked like for my other seasons. Now I know! There's so much juicy and valuable content in this course. I just love this work and learning more and more. I would be happy to listen to Claire teach this work all day."


"The biggest takeaway for me has been the masculine and feminine aspects of the cycle; it really 'clicked' for the first time in Radiate. I have learned so much from Claire and her amazing courses. I've been able to bring more balance and unity into my life, especially since I'm not fighting against my cycle anymore."


"This course is a GAME CHANGER. Firstly, I've learned I'm not crazy. I'm a complex woman with ebbs and flows and this course has solidified that knowledge. I've had so many 'aha moments' and it's amazing to now see patterns in my cycle. I love that I now know how to support myself in my autumn and winter, when I really do face bad cramps, headaches and nausea. Every girl should get this information before her first bleed so she understands the complexities of being a woman. I wish I had! Our lives could be so much more harmonious if armed with this valuable information. I'm educating my husband and teenage sons on all of this now too, so they can support the women in their lives. Thank you Claire!"


"Claire is a breath of fresh air, her ability to bring calm with a sense of 'can do' is exceptionally empowering. When on the course I felt part of a group of fabulous women all working together towards similar goals. But in a sense we were all working towards one main goal of getting to know ourselves and our cycles better. Claire led from the top and was an inspiration throughout. Thank you Claire for being a powerful female inspiring others to find their intentions and cyclical powers.” — NAOMI 

"Claire's course Radiate came just at the right time for me between two very intense physical and mentally straining times. It was like permission to breathe and be full with myself and my needs. I feel deeply grateful for this opportunity and feel I was given the gift of coming closer to me. Listening and taking inspired actions toward ease in living my own cyclic life. Thank you Claire and deep bow of gratitude." — ALEXANDRA 

"Radiate has guided me into becoming the authority of my own cycle and wellbeing. This course has empowered me to have awareness of each and every inner season and to take stock of how I’m feeling more often. My self-care has deepened significantly and one the most powerful things I’ve taken from the course is working out what I need to do to support myself in each inner season. I know that I’ll be reaping the benefits of Radiate for the rest of my life. Thank you Claire!" — CHLOE 

"Wherever a woman is on her menstrual journey, Radiate will do the perfect job of taking her a level deeper and higher. Each phase is thoroughly explored and the opportunity to connect with women from all over the world during the group calls is an unforgettable experience. To feel that- just like you- there are women living and braving the territory of their womanhood consciously, enlivens you in a way that can only felt deep in the heart. Claire is the perfect space holder for such experiences. I LOVED the Radiate journey and would 200% recommend each woman to embark on it and inhale it down to her bones." — ESHA 

"I now feel at peace during the menstrual phase. I have learnt to manage my energy better. I really feel better and more comfortable in may body than ever." — JULIE 

"You've opened my eyes to a new way of living in conjunction with my menstrual cycle and not against it. I have a new sense of being in tune with myself—it really is amazing how my moods and emotions flow with the season I'm in. I can't believe I've never put the two and two together!"



How much time will I need to invest in the content each week?

You'll need approx. 2.5 hours a week to take the lessons, do your charting, and join (or watch the recording) of the group call. 

My cycle isn't 28 days long. It's longer / shorter / erratic! Does that matter? 

Many women find their cycle doesn't consistently follow a 28-day pattern. Mine certainly doesn't! And that's fine. By getting to know each phase of your cycle more intimately, you'll soon realise that cyclic self-care is not only possible for you, but can bring much harmony to a less-consistent flow. 

How is the course delivered?

Everything is delivered digitally over email, video, audio & PDF. You'll need an email address and a computer or smartphone to access the content. Printing the 'Menstrual Maps' to chart your cycle is recommended.

Will you be running this course again?

Radiate will run again in 2020. Register your interest in the next course HERE.


How is this course different from FLOW?

FLOW teaches you how to journal your cycle and see patterns, it connects you with the energy of each cycle phase. Radiate is longer, and goes more into the science of the cycle and the practicalities of living your life by your cycle with the focus on self-care and identifying your strengths and vulnerabilities in each phase. There are also more group calls and video content. 


Does this course apply to women who don't have a menstrual cycle? ie. pregnant, breastfeeding, post-menopausal, trans women, someone who has had a hysterectomy, or is experiencing amenorrhea?

This course contains guidance, knowledge and specific practices that will benefit anyone who identifies as a woman. I value inclusivity, and am learning more everyday about how I can be more conscious and inclusive of others in this work. The content of the teachings is grounded in menstruality, and in the experience of a 'natural' menstrual cycle, ie. ovulating and menstruating. An experience of a menstrual cycle (present or past) will help with integration of the work. If you are no longer cycling, or will not experience a natural cycle again, the content may not apply to you as an individual, but rather in your sharing of this work with others in your life.

My currency isn't pounds. Can I still take the course?

For sure! When you make payment using PayPal, the currency will automatically be converted to your own.

I have a personal question, can I email you privately?

Please! You're welcome to contact me on claire (at) thisislifeblood.com. 


Where can I sign up to your newsletter?

You can sign up here and receive a bunch of free resources! 


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