Now in its third year, I am fizzing with excitement to invite you to join our September Celebration creative community prompt-party get-together. This has certainly been the year of the plot twist for many of us, so let’s share, connect and celebrate the fruits of 2018 (so far…)

SEPTEMBER CELEBRATION 2018: here’s how it works!


  • Each day for the month of September we have a prompt to inspire creativity, connection & cycle love. You might take a photo on your smartphone, make a short video, pen a poem, draw a quick sketch, write a short story, film an interpretative dance and share that with us; all forms of expression are welcome in our creative cave!
  • There’s no pressure to make anything “good” — the joy is in the capture, the expression, the tiny and magical moment of mindfulness.
  • We’ll be sharing on Instagram using the hashtag #septembercelebration2018 which is a great way to find new Insty accounts to follow likeminded peeps and have others find you. We also have a private Facebook group to share our images / words / whatever, with each other. This will be a totally safe, non-promotional space to connect. There might be some familiar faces in there, but hopefully you’ll meet a few new ones too.
  • You don’t have to play everyday and you can join in whenever you like. There’s no “failing” or “falling behind” and if you don’t feel like sharing your captured moment, that’s completely fine too.


——> Here are this year’s prompts:


This year I’ve added a few more cycle-related prompts, plus plenty of love opportunities for self-reflection, and some fun and playful ones too. Are you in? I hope so!

Your next steps are:

  1. Save the prompts image to your phone for easy reference.
  2. Request to join the Facebook group, and find me  over here on Instagram.
  3. Share the image of prompts to recruit some pals to join you! The more the merrier. The #septembercelebration2018 tag means we can all find each other, like, and comment and say nice things like HELLO YOU’RE AWESOME.
  4. Get ready to start sharing on Saturday. I can’t wait to connect and create with you all for the month of September.

Big love!





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