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I can’t believe it’s been a month since She Is Radiant leapt her way into the world; it was an awe-inspiring experience to watch as she was wrapped up in so much love and excited fist-pumps from you. I appreciate it immensely.

In full transparency, I don’t think I had prepared myself for the physical stress/nervous energy/fear that built up in the day or two before launching this eBook, nor had I prepared for the OVERWHELMING support I received the moment I clicked send to my tribe to let you know ‘she’s here!’ 

So today I thought I’d share some of the L O V E that has been floating around the web on social media or lovingly finding its way into my inbox. You can click on through to the social media profiles and websites/blogs of some of the legends below — I’d love it if this post became a space for connection and community too!

Read all the way through to the bottom for deets re: BONUS CONTENT (woo!)

Alright, enough from me. Over to you. (And again – thank you!!)


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“I don’t normally buy eBooks but I was instantly drawn to yours because of the holistic philosophy. I love that you don’t preach one certain way of eating and acknowledge that everyone’s body is different. As a cancer survivor my relationship with food has become very unstable because you read so many things about what you should and should not eat. Everything that you discuss in you ebook is so refreshing and empowering. I love it! Good on you!” – Brie Cosma

“Claire, i bought She Is Radiant today and have been reading it and SOAKING it up even though i was intending on doing that later today – like, tonight! But its just awesome and radiates its own energy. Job well done gorgeous girl! Thank you for delivering such an inspiring read, for being you and sharing the wellness word!” – Georgia Rhodes 

“Gorgeous eBook, sister. I just devoured week one and want more, more, more!” – Mia Pinango

Seriously divine @_clairebaker_ released her ebook #sheisradiant which is more like a #wellnessbible this gorgeous girl is all kinds of inspiring with a no bullshit approach to balanced living with a healthy dose of reality! THANKYOU gorgeous it’s beautiful and an incredibly generous sharing of knowledge… I just sent it to my printer to print up for me so I can read it and stick it up all over my walls – I LOVE it that much JUST SAYING!!” – Kristy Langdon

Claire has created a gorgeous resource for women looking to get healthy, minus all the garbage around the ‘skinny = healthy’ shiz. ‘She Is Radiant’ is awesome and I’m proud to see passionate women creating their bliss.” – Alice Nicholls



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“I’ve started reading it and I can’t take the smile off my face. Seriously I’m actually reading it, fist pumping and YELLING at my computer “Claire you’ve done it!” This is so awesome!!!!” – Ashlee Cummins 

“Claire, I just bought your book! AMEN! It’s a how to kick some gorgeous butt. I love it! It’s just what I needed right now. Well done lady it is just such a great resource. I’ve read heaps of stuff but i had a ‘head nod’ moment…!! Recommend this highly to anyone.” – Sarah Tamburrini

“It’s full of so much beauty and amazing radiance!! Thanks heaps Claire, it’s so inspiring!” – Alana Marshall

“This encourages me to keep dreaming!” – Karla Pandelus

“God you’re an amazing little lady. So damn good.” – Meg O’Sullivan

“She Is Radiant is the perfect eBook for me to recommend to my clients and readers who are preparing to conceive a child. Even though it is not specifically for preconception care it has all the info I would love to share yet haven’t got down on paper. Thanks for this awesome resource, it will be highly recommended to mums to be and will help create many healthy extraordinary little babies!” – Melanie Webster


+ Amelia Harvey from Amelia Harvey Health shared her 5 Favourite Tips from the book. I love her top picks!

+ Alana Wimmer (the super skilled lady who designed She Is Radiant) shared a recipe from the book – Pear & Quinoa Brekky Bowl. Yum.

+ Dr. Ash Good shared the Sexy Salmon & Sweet Potato Wedges recipe (YUM) over here.

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The part that really resonated with me is around guilt – I often feel guilty about making decisions for myself or that might not make other people happy. No more! I’m on to a #guiltfreelife and your words have kick-started it for me, so thank you” – Katarina Farrell

Oh Claire I just finished reading She is Radiant yesterday (in my Bali hammock) – it’s amazing! Seriously beautiful – I loved the pics of you throughout – and full of so much awesome, fun, and practical advice. No wonder it’s been flying off the shelves! Congrats lovely lady.” – Amelia Harvey 

Holy shit Claire – this RADIANT baby is freakin’ amazing. Congratulations!!! It is so visually stunning (just like you) & the key points of listening to your body, bio-individuality, eating real whole foods, exercise to nourish not punish – yes, yes, yes! Babe, you should be so proud. ” – Bronte Smith 





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Love this manifesto by @_clairebaker_ of “This is Lifeblood.” I love “be the girl with the sparkle” and be a “rebel belle.” – Diana Braybrooke @dianathebutterflyhouse 

Looking forward to loosing myself in this gorgeous ebook from fellow #iin graduate @_clairebaker_ with a cup of herbal tea and a warm blanket. My idea of a relaxing Sunday.” – Anna @_glowing_health_

Printing off and diving in. Excited for the release of this awesome ebook from @_clairebaker_ . Probably one of the most visually appealing ebook I’ve seen and chalked FULL of wonderful info on health and wellness that will leave you feeling radiant. Nice work girl!” – Amanda Whitworth @savourysoulwellness 

I’m loving it so far @_clairebaker_ it’s beautiful and I love it’s not focused on ‘can’t have this, can’t do that'” – @loren_honey_

“This book is beyond beautiful! I couldn’t put her down. I have known for so long that I needed to adapt my way of eating and looking at myself but haven’t found a Philosophy that resonated with me. Until now. Claire is beyond AMAZING, her words like a warm hug make anything seem possible.” – Emma Newby

“Thanks Claire for putting together such a beautiful soul-filled piece of art – there is love oozing from each of the pages!” – Brittany Smith

“I have seen a loooooooooot of eBooks, and this one just rises up. I’m so proud of you, not just because of this eBook, but because of the whole journey I have watched you take. You are a true diamond.” – Jasmine Mathews


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(Kudos again to Alana Wimmer for her design magic!)

“I’m completely IN LOVE with it. Beyond gorgeous babe!!!” – Rachel MacDonald 

“Claire I have literally just sat down and read She is Radiant (the whole 99 pages)… Bloody marvellous!! I could not put it down. Apart from being super beautiful it was jam packed with useful info, loving advice and mouth-watering recipes (can not wait to try the beef stir fry, tomato soup and chockie tart!!) and all written with the love, soul and gorgeous wording that you are known for. You should be super proud of yourself babe. Thank you for creating such an awesome read (and for a steal!) and a big Congrats and virtual hug 🙂 I can’t wait to go back through it and take my time soaking it all up.” – Talie Jordan

“It’s a great read, like hanging out with a wise wonderful friend who wants you to be your very best self. Thank you for writing it!” – Phillipa Moore

“She Is Radiant has definitely left me feeling rad, glowing and made me love life even more. What a read!”Blaise Corey


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Phew!! Needless to say, I am glowing over here after compiling these gems of generosity and gratitude – FREAKING LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!

If you haven’t yet taken home your own copy of She Is Radiant, then please do shimmy on into the community by clicking BUY NOW below.


PSSSSST. Bonus content alert!

I have some exciting news re: BONUS content that I’ll be sharing on the blog on Monday. If you’ve already purchased the eBook, you would have received an email from me yesterday filling you in. It’s an exciting time right now — thank you for being apart of this journey with me!

All my love,

Claire x

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