She Is Radiant Q&A Workshop with Claire Baker

She Is Radiant - Q + A Promo

After my eBook She Is Radiant landed amongst this incredible tribe, I was blown away by the beautiful response and feedback. She has truly made waves and sparked positive change in the lives of hundreds of women around the world (woah – grateful!).

But let’s get really honest here: the path of change is tricky to navigate. It can be windy and bumpy and  uncomfortable. Your old patterns persist, the negative voice in your head pipes up, and before you know it, you find yourself overwhelmed, stuck, and feeling kind of crappy.

Which is why I was also thrilled to receive your QUESTIONS. Your yearnings. You wanted more. You were doing the work.

From resistance to relationships, body image to business, creativity to comparison: you weren’t afraid to ask the big questions.

I loved the idea of creating something that would provide guidance and clarity to anyone working their way through She Is Radiant, (no matter where they were in the world), so I created this Q&A Audio Workshop.

workshop questions

The Workshop is:

  • Over 1.5hrs of honest conversation around the ask-me-anything-style questions sent in from you – answered by me. Authentically. Truthfully. With love (sometimes of tough variety).
  • PART ONE: Food & Diet, Your Relationship with Food and Your Body, Life & Love.
  • PART TWO: Business/Blog & Creativity Stuff, Resistance & Motivation, Self Care.
  • PART THREE: 25 verbal journalling prompts (that I use in my “real life” workshops)
  • Click below to hear a short sample…

Your investment: $12
OR click here to SAVE and buy The Collection: the She Is Radiant Toolkit PLUS She Is Radiant: Your 6-Week Wellness Adventure To Get Glowy & Feel Rad (the book that started it all) PLUS this Q&A workshop for only $39. Get the collection here