She Is Radiant Toolkit: 36 Truths, Dares & Tools To Guide Your Wellness Adventure

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Ready to rock your radiant self
on a whole ‘nother level?


After my eBook She Is Radiant landed in the hands and hearts of this beautiful tribe, I was blown away by the response. Love-bombs and thank-you notes filled my inbox, my Facebook page was flooded with virtual hugs, and peeps from far-flung places were reaching out to connect. (Truly: mind = blown.)

But you know what else was rolling into my inbox? Questions. Yearnings. A steady stream of people desiring more

Although some of the queries were around food, a helluva lot weren’t. The book had lit a fire in lots and lots of bellies, and now people wanted to aim higher and dig deeper. They wanted to know what steps to take. What strategies to use. How to actually show up in the world. 


The first book introduced the concepts of food, self-care, bio-individuality, and wellness… The Toolkit gives you the strategies and action steps you need to start really implementing it all – prompts, planners, questionnaires, check-lists… The works. 

Following the same 6-week formula as her counterpart, this book moves beyond the straight-up aspects of radiant health and starts looking at the how and the why behind making it happen.

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“It was always going to take a lot to follow up the power-packed pages of She Is Radiant, but Claire has hit the (bliss) ball out of the park. The Toolkit is gorgeous, but more than that, there’s real intention and power thrumming beneath the joyful surface. It is as potent and useful as it is stunning — the sort of book one wants to keep diving back into for a top-up of wellness wisdom and loving kick-in-the-butt inspiration.” – Jessica Larsen
“Within these incredibly beautiful pages, you’ll find all the questions, prompts and space you need to dig a little deeper and move through resistance into radiance. It’s thoughtful. It’s divine. I can’t recommend this eBook highly enough. An absolute must.” – Vanessa Millar


Your investment: £12 (approx. $20 AUD / $16 USD)
OR CLICK HERE to buy The Collection: She Is Radiant PLUS She Is Radiant Toolkit: 36 Truths, Dares & Tools To Guide Your Wellness Adventure PLUS the She Is Radiant Q&A Workshop for only £22. Save yourself a lovely £4 and get The Collection now.

The Toolkit is:

In one sense, this eBook is the sequel to She Is Radiant: Your 6-Week Wellness Adventure To Get Glowy & Feel Rad. In these soul-soaked pages, you’ll find ideas and concepts that flow and follow on directly from what the first book had to say. 

But in another sense, this book sits right beside her. It complements her, amplifies her, and weaves a parallel story.

The Toolkit is a little bit cheekier, a lot more interactive and a whole heap of fun. The wisdom in her pages is focused on taking action and cementing your intentions. It’s about turning lofty ideas into second-nature habits. And it’s about truly creating the beaming, heart-fuelled radiance of your dreams.

It’s playful. Punchy. Practical.

… And genuinely potent.

“There is something so beautiful (and important) about following up theory with considered action and The Toolkit has exceeded my expectations. Big topics suddenly seem manageable, and I found I came out the other side with more clarity than I’d had in ages. 5 stars!!” – Alana Wimmer
Such a pleasure to read and not at all heavy like so many other books covering similar topics. A complete goldmine of fun tips, tricks and activities that introduce so much ease and play in to this wellness adventure. If She Is Radiant is your map, then this Toolkit is the guided tour. Prepare to be lit up!” – Fran Maspero
“Tools, dares and truths to actually help me get stuff happening for reals? Uh, YES PLEASE! Claire has totally taken this exactly where it was destined to go – packed with incredible, fun and very achievable actions that you can implement immediately to become radiant.  They are all so beautifully simple, yet profoundly ground shaking. It’s the ultimate toolkit for any wellness warrior.” – Kate Toholka


toolkit sample promoWhat’s inside:

We’ll dive into…

+ How to blitz negative beliefs and reclaim your self-worth (for good)

+ Guilt-free eating – getting over the judgement surrounding your food choices and returning to your intuitive truth.

+ Journal writing for mindset shifts: deep-dive prompts, so that you can access the wisdom within.

+ A mindful eating diary. (This right here? Game changing.)

+ How to love your own guts (ummm, literally and figuratively!)

+ Your inner critic. Your contradictions. The self-worth stuff that keeps you stuck.

+ How to get over the constant comparison and celebrate you in all your glory (including a meditation for self-acceptance that will crack you right open).

+ The missing pillars behind self love (without these, all the green smoothies and sun salutations in the world won’t help).

+ How to connect with your creativity. How to pimp your routine. How to make sure your new habits stick.

+ My bestest, most bangin’ beauty tips, that will actually have you feeling a million bucks.

+ A super-handy chakra guide to get your energy centres happy and humming.

+ And the big secret to overcoming resistance and making sustainable change (no more berating yourself for being unmotivated – this is everything you need to get yourself moving with ease and momentum.)

To live a life of wild adventure and self-discovery, every adept explorer knows she needs a stash of trusty tools strapped to her back, to help her chart the course and find her way home.

Your investment: £12 (approx. $20 AUD / $16 USD)
OR CLICK HERE to buy The Collection: She Is Radiant PLUS She Is Radiant Toolkit: 36 Truths, Dares & Tools To Guide Your Wellness Adventure PLUS the She Is Radiant Q&A Workshop for only £22. Save yourself a lovely £4 and get The Collection now.


Please note: For now, the Toolkit and the original book are available in digital format only. Which means as soon as you complete your purchase, your very own bright n’ shiny copy will be winging its way to your inbox within seconds. 

Praise for She Is Radiant Toolkit

Everything about this eBook excites me! The truths, dares and tools are such a clever way at helping you actually do the work that Claire talks about in both this eBook and also She Is Radiant. It’s motivating, creative and ‘dance-around-the-room-like-a-crazy-person’ fun, and I’m so impressed with how Claire drew me in word -for – word yet again, with how awesomely passionate she is about helping live radiant lives. LOVED IT” – Ashlee Cummins 

The greatest teachers don’t preach what we should do but they lovingly guide us to discover ourselves. And this is exactly what the She is Radiant Toolkit does so powerfully. And more than that, there’s a magnetic energy that emanates from these pages and through all of the intuitive exercises and the fun and cheeky dares that Claire has hand-crafted for us – and that’s how She makes you feel. This is why I couldn’t put her down. It’ feels like Claire’s reached out from the pages, linked your arm in hers with a gentle nod and and a wide-brimmed smile. And you just know that this is a lady who really gets me. Together, you dive straight into your sticky, limiting beliefs, oomph up your self-worth, discover your truest values and then march confidently up to the front door of your most gigantic and radiant life. Then she gently let’s go. Because now you truly know: I’m so ready for this.” – Lucy Bourchier
“A must have for anyone who is ready to dig deep and move inwards towards self discovery and freedom. With her beautiful smile & humour, powerful belief blitzing and a huge serve of honest question asking Claire delivers a kit of practical tools that you can use over and over again no matter where you are on your journey. The perfect companion to She Is Radiant and I love them both.” – Janine Farrow

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