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It’s in the spirit of supporting, inspiring and sharing the love that I excitedly bring you the first edition of the She Is Radiant Soul Sessions. A video series of interviews with 5 of my favourite radiant ladies and experts in their fields.

To celebrate the release of the She Is Radiant Toolkit and She Is Radiant Q&A Audio, I’m going to be chatting with these awesome chicks about comparison, finding your tribe of soul sisters, body love and more.


So, let’s get to it – super thrilled to be kicking off today with Nat Kringoudis and an epic conversation around gut health.


+ Nat breaks down the buzz around ‘gut health’ and gives it to us straight.

+ The top 3 benefits of getting your gut right. (You want these, promise).

+ The first step you can take now to improving your gut health.

Oh yes, some seriously useful take-home points. Did you learn something new in this conversation about gut health?

In The Toolkit you can find my ultimate ‘Get Your Gut Right’ checklist and MUST HAVE gut loving recipes. Get your copy here.

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