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Here we are on Day 2 of the She Is Radiant Soul Sessions. A video series of interviews with 5 of my favourite radiant ladies and experts in their fields.

Following on from yesterday’s super-informative conversation on gut health with Nat Kringoudis, we’re leaning into the (often vulnerable) topic of BODY LOVE.

This is a topic that is extremely close to my heart (having had a rather tumultuous relationship with my body for a looooooooong time), and I’m ecstatic to have my dear friend and body love coach Vanessa Millar sharing with us today.


+ Why so many of us lovely ladies are battling with our bodies on a daily basis.

+ Why the relationship between self worth and body acceptance is KEY.

+ Vanessa’s number one tip for anyone wanting to (finally) fall in love with their body.

Oh I LOVE bringing this conversation into the light. Did this discussion resonate with you, trigger anything, help to create some clarity? 

In The Toolkit (which you can take home right here), I’m DARING you to make your relationship with your body a priority and pump up your self worth. Plus, my ultimate ‘Nourishing Your Chakras’ guide takes your relationship with your body to a whooooole new, soulful level. Check it out below!

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Ps. If you’ve totally formed a girl crush on Vanessa (of course you have), you can find her over at Learn Grow Heal

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