stay in alignment

Happy new month, happy new moon! I’m writing this in my favourite cafe, a skip along the canal from my flat and I’m drinking a soy latte that I’ll probably regret at 10pm tonight when I can’t sleep.

Rebel? You know it. Today I’ve got some personal updates for you, an invitation to work with me privately in 2017 and details on a few other things I think you’ll be curious to hear more about…


I’ve taught another round of my online course Wild, Well & Creative (it’s been my absolute favourite round yet), I attended the BRIL-LI-ANT Hay House Writer’s Workshop in London and had the pleasure of being taught by my creative heroine Julia Cameron, where I learnt the A — Z of writing book proposals and publishing (my main goal for 2017 is to write my first ‘real life’ book), I released my latest creation Adore Your Cycle and was accepted into an immersive menstruality training here in the UK with a woman I’ve respected and admired for years and years and…

…just over five weeks ago I made the decision to end my relationship of three years.

Sigh. You don’t need me to tell you that breakups suck. They sure do. And this one has been no exception. It’s been a painful and challenging time. While the details will naturally stay between Andrew and I, my therapist (thank the heavens for this woman) has helped me to recognise that for the first time in my life, I am single and that I am on my own — without feeling like I’m alone. I feel independent, rather than isolated; in the flow, rather than fearful, and I’m really, really, really excited about that. There’ve been moments over the past month-and-a-half when all I’ve wanted to do is jump on a plane back to Australia and curl up in a ball on my best friend’s couch and watch Bridget Jones and cry and cry and cry and cry and cry, but I’ve gotta tell you — everyday I’m feeling better, stronger, more aligned, more awake. This Friday I’ll move out of my little London flat and begin a housesitting gig for the winter. I’m not sure what will happen after that… but I have a burning, growing, enlivening, ENERGISING SENSE OF TRUST that’s nudging me towards whatever it is that awaits. Basically, bring on 2017.

Settling into TRUST these past months has been necessary for my sanity and emotional wellbeing — which slipped for a moment there, actually. I’ve spent a great deal of time alone. As Hippocrates said, ’Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity’ and I’m all in, friends. I’ve made the decision to FEEL and to HEAL — I’ve sought emotional support from friends where available, I received a womb awakening session with this gorgeous woman, I’ve been meditating, yoga-ing, cleansing, I’ve seen a psychic and as I mentioned, I’ve been attending therapy weekly. I’ve been listening to inspiring audiobooks and podcasts and I want to share with you the five things I’ve been doing daily (mentioned in an Abraham Hicks YouTube video) that’ve helped me stay in alignment with what is actually true for me, and reduced my anxiety in a big, big way.

You ready?

  1. Meditate. (This is the most challenging one for me! This helps.)
  2. Move / exercise, preferably outside.
  3. Be in nature and express awe and wonder for Her magic.
  4. Have a gratitude practice — written, preferably.
  5. Express big appreciation and thanks for a greater, collaborative force that provides ideas, connections, shifts in belief, opportunities, support, resources etc.

Every day. Five things. PLEASE write these down on a Post-It note and plaster it somewhere you’ll see it, then do it. I cannot say how helpful these anchor points have been. Simplicity, sweet sweet simplicity.

stay in alignment
Have you been thinking about finding support in a coach or mentor in 2017? 

  • I have THREE spots available for my six-month business mentoring program, which you’ll find the details for here. We’ll have a 60-minute accountability / brainstorming / coaching / planning / strategy session at the beginning of each month, plus email support and a Facebook group for masterminding with others taking the program. It’s not silly expensive like some of these programs can be, and if you’re willing to do the work between sessions, you’ll gain a great deal from a partnership like this.
  • I have TWO spots open from January for health and life coaching. My style is anchored in self-care and kindness, working with your natural rhythms, rekindling your creativity and building your confidence so that you can live your life in a way that is true for you. You can read more about my coaching programs here or email me and let’s CHAT.

(Note: These spots usually fill quickly — I’m not saying that to sound like I’m super cool, it’s mostly because I don’t work with a lot of people at once — so if you’re ready to dive in, get in touch okay?)

A few more fun things:

  • Book club! Have you joined? We’ve just voted on this month’s book — Glennon Doyle Melton’s Love Warrior and I’ve recently shared an epic interview I did with author Susannah Conway in our online group. It’s free and completely non-promo, so you know, it’s lovely.
  • Adore Your Cycle has been selling like bloody hotcakes! (THANK YOU) and more than that, it’s been getting amazing, moving feedback. I’m glad she’s out in the world now, being discovered by those who’re ready for her — if that’s you, get your menstrual magic on here. 
  • Nurturing my senses has been an important part of this healing, particularly smell and sound. I made this soothing Spotify playlist, you might like to sink into it too.

I know I’m not alone in feeling like my foundations have been rocked in 2016. So before I go, I want to share with you the motto from my Baker family crest, a mantra I consistently turn to when Life shakes things up a notch or ten (or like, a gazillion).

While I breathe, I hope.

So inhale, exhale.

Keep going.

Big love!


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