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I, Claire Baker, do believe it’s due time for a wee round up of all the goodness getting around, don’t you? We’re well and truly into Spring and with that, comes an energy of rebirth, renewal and exploration… 

And I’ve been looooooving it. I’ve cut back on a bunch of stuff (namely social media and the desire to be constantly ‘busy’), and I’ve been revelling in the energy of essentialism; what is most important to me? Let’s let go of the rest and hone in on that.

I’ve created an ‘Essentialism Challenge’ for the women I coach 1:1 and everyone is LOVING this permission to strip back the crap and immerse themselves in what’s truly significant for them. So here are a few things that are helping me vibe HIGH in the Spring energy, create real space and zone in on what’s essential for me for the rest of 2014. Dig in!

lacey haynes

MEDITATE 4EVER Guided Meditations by Lacey Haynes

I was recently grumbling to my boyfriend that I’ve been clenching my jaw in my sleep and feeling a little ‘stress belly’ growing (I get a little paunch on my midsection when I’ve been feeling tense).

“Babe, you need to meditate more.”

Ahhhhh, heavens! He’s so sexy when he’s right. And so I’ve made the intention this week to swing the pendulum on my meditation practice to FULL POWERED ON and these guided meditations by my good friend Lacey Haynes are my current FAVES.

With a morning wake-up like no other, a meditation for sad times, chakra alignment, stress relief and loads more fun, this party-pack of meditations will prove to you that meditation can actually be playful, as well as purposeful.

Get yo’ (colourful) meditating pants on here.


Love Sex Desire Podcast with Susana Frioni

One of my essentials for the next few months is exploring my sensual, sexual, goddess-y, sex on fire, passionate side. And this podcast by the beautiful and charming Susana Frioni is one of the trustworthy tools I’ve got stashed for this wild ride (excuse the pun). 😉

This podcast is: honest, confronting, revealing, wild, opening, refreshing, relieving, magic, stimulating, empowering.

Do yourself (and your inner Goddess a favour) and tune in. Find it on iTunes or on Susan’s website here.

seventh duchess

Apothecary by The Seventh Duchess Organic Herbal Teas

Be it known, I am a herbal tea fanatic. There is something so exquisite about brewing a big pot of organic, loose-leaf tea and nourishing herbs. I am also equally drawn to elegant design wrapped up in minimalist packaging and gorgeous branding. It is in the spirit of all these things that I’ve fallen head over heels in love with these teas…

‘The Seventh Duchess Apothecary blends seek to naturally assist, alleviate and reduce various symptoms’ and ‘meet specific health and wellbeing needs’ such as a desire to invoke mental clarity and energy (yes please!), replenish dehydrated skin, support healthy liver and kidney function and promote restful sleep.

I’m taking a few of my tins on my girl’s trip away this weekend – another one of my essentials is my female relationships – and I can’t wait to brew a pot with my ladies. Did somebody say tea party?!

Get brewing here.

violet gray design

violet gray

Violet Gray Design Intentional Jewellery: Chakra Necklaces

As I’ve transitioned from quantity to quality when it comes to clothes and accessories (bonus points for local and handmade), I’ve noticed it’s a little harder to find pieces that truly reflect ME and my tastes. Lots are overly “hippy” (which just isn’t me) and they can be hard to source. 

Which is the magical thing about Violet Gray Design pieces; this intentional jewellery is infused with soul, purpose and a whole lotta love. I’ve recently become the proud owner of a ‘sacral chakra necklace’ and oohhhhh it’s so pretty!

Following on from my desire to explore my sexual/sensual side (which is what the sacral chakra is ALL about – you can find my ‘nourishing your chakras guide’ in The Toolkit here), this piece could not be more perfect for me. I bought a close friend of mine one of the pregnancy bracelets and was blown away by the intricacy and workmanship.

Find your own special piece here.

There you have it folks – a few things I’m digging that I think you will too. I’d love for you to share this post with your friends and followers and keep the love going.

And tell me below in the comments – what goodness are you currently crushing on? 

I’d love to send you some love.

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