Let me start this intro by declaring freely and openly that I love this girl so, so, SO much. Amelia Williams is a Mum, a health coach, reiki healer and social media manager, but I believe the woman is secretly an angel. An angel my friends, an angel.

Amelia glows. She radiates. She wraps you up in a whirl of positivity, love and encouragement and when I had the pleasure of spending a day with her after months of back-and-forth emails (where we discovered we had, like, everything in common), I got to experience this lady’s authentic awesome-ness in the flesh.

She’s the real deal, folks.

Her online home Nurture and Shine, is one of my favourite bloggy-hangouts. I’m constantly urging my friends/clients/housemates/neighbours to watch her gorgeous, genuine and inspiring videos (such a natural on camera!) and fall a little bit in love with her too. Of course, they end up falling a little bit in love with themselves, which is where this goddess’s magic lies; she wills you to fall in love with yourself, your life and be happy now. As you are.

Intrigued? Read on beautiful.

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