Ah, change is in the air! Aren’t transitions just a treat? Since my blogging break, I’ve made a feel little adjustments around the place. In “real life” as well as on the blog. Sometimes we only need to make a few tiny adjustments, pull back on a commitment or two or re-evaluate a seemingly small area of our life in order to make BIG changes.

For example, I needed to kill some overwhelm quick smart recently. I was feeling like I was spread as thin as vegemite on (gluten-free) toast, not giving 100% to anything, not being fully present or committed to any area of my life. I was exhausted, annoyed and upset. Mainly at myself.

I felt like I wasn’t being enough for anyone or anything. Like I just wasn’t giving ENOUGH. There wasn’t enough time in the day, enough energy, enough of me to go around. I felt I wasn’t being a good enough friend, sister, coach, daughter, student or employee.

I needed to slow down. Something had to give. An adjustment needed to be made.

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