Today’s recipe for Tasty Tomato & Coconut Beef Curry is one of my favourite go-to meals for when I need a warming, grounding dose of red meat, good fats and great veg.

You know, I find a lot of people presume I’m vegan or vegetarian. Not so. I gave the whole vegetarian thang a whirl once, but I’m an omnivore through and through. My body functions best with some meat in my diet.

Now today is not the day to delve into the depths of the ‘which meat is best to eat’ conversation (I’ll save that for my upcoming eBook), but if it’s local, organic and the animal has had a good and fair life (ie. been fed its natural and normal diet and had freedom to move and play), then slap that steak on my plate!

One of the reasons that I don’t have a lot of meat-y recipes on the blog is that most of my dinners (the meal I’ll usually eat meat) are pretty basic and not very pretty and not really Blog Post Worthy. Think a grilled chicken breast with roasted vegetables. Pork cutlets with a simple salad. Fresh fish and sweet potato wedges.

But screw that type of thinking. I’ve decided to share more of my meatier dishes, as simple and easy is swell, right?!

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