Our struggles with food can manifest in different ways, like not eating enough, bingeing late at night, feeling guilty about every calorie we ingest, eating to avoid feeling and so on.

If this manifests for you, you are certainly not alone, with two-thirds of women suffering from disordered eating.

Any food struggle is a manifestation of fear, a fear-driven story of our ego that we have learnt along life’s journey, ultimately preventing us from living freely, as we sit in a space of disconnection from our true selves.

But, somewhere in amongst the chaotic eating behaviours, there’s that glimmer of light that shines through the darkness and there we feel her – freedom – a feeling that comes when we are reconnected with our soul, love – our true self. She lives inside of us, always has and always will.

It’s our job now, to shine a light on the food-fear and commit to coming home to that person we already are.

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