I can’t believe it’s been a month since She Is Radiant leapt her way into the world; it was an awe-inspiring experience to watch as she was wrapped up in so much love and excited fist-pumps from you. I appreciate it immensely.

In full transparency, I don’t think I had prepared myself for the physical stress/nervous energy/fear that built up in the day or two before launching this eBook, nor had I prepared for the OVERWHELMING support I received the moment I clicked send to my tribe to let you know ‘she’s here!’

So today I thought I’d share some of the L O V E that has been floating around the web on social media or lovingly finding its way into my inbox. You can click on through to the social media profiles and websites/blogs of some of the legends below – I’d love it if this post became a space for connection and community too!

Read all the way through to the bottom for deets re: BONUS CONTENT (woo!)

Alright, enough from me. Over to you. (And again – thank you!!)

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