Balance. Freedom. Peace. Creativity. Greatness. This is where my head’s been at the last week. Non-stop. Trying to figure out what these words, these ideals mean to me. How they exist in my life. How I WANT them to exist in my life. Do you think about these kinds of things too?

If you’re subscribed to my weekly love letter (and I hope you are) you’ll know that last week I spoke about freedom and the importance of finding your freedom amidst life’s so-called obligations.

Freedom is satisfying, releasing and enabling. It is essential, don’t you think?

I explained to my readers that I’m currently working part-time while I focus on study, coaching and building this blog and my business. I’m also about to start yoga teacher training. Priorities are being sorted. Freedom is being both fought and found.

I’ll get to the point.

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